Monday, May 11, 2009

My moment as a Mom....


a day late.
but my theory is, why do we need to devote one day to our mothers?? She went through more than one day of being our mom. We should let our moms know how much we love her and appreciate her on a daily basis. that was also my excuse for not seeing my mom on mothers day.
BUT I did see my mom on Saturday and we spent a very nice time together...she even took me out for brunch...yes...SHE took ME out for brunch...LOL...**sigh** oh the joys of being a mom ;-)
Because moms are really super heros under mom flew to my side friday evening to help me ice some cupcakes and then deliver them on Saturday. We had fun...or I had fun, hanging out with her in my kitchen on friday evening. We had icing up to our eyeballs. Cupcakes and cupcake supplies were piled up all over the kitchen. We went to bed after 1:30am. That's because when she signed up to be a mom, she signed the dotted line that said "will not complain when child needs help, advice or supermom powers; no matter the hour!!"
Dad and Sev got up Saturday morning and took off to ride dirtbikes in Sumter, SC. Mom and I ran to Lowes, so mom could get flowers for MY flower bed (another thing moms do). We came home and mom planted flowers and worked out in MY yard while I finished up the last of the cupcake stuff and then packed the car. Mom then road with me to Florence, to deliver the cupcakes (about 11/2 hour drive). We had a tad bit of trouble finding the wedding reception location...long story....but because my mom is also required to be patient (another dotted line she had to sign) we ended up finding it just in the nick of time!! Mom then helped me set up the cake and we snapped some pictures...another thing moms do, take pictures of their childs creations be it good or bad :-) It was 90 degrees and the wedding was OUTSIDE!!! We left before my cake surely would have crushed me :-( to witness that!!

On our way home, mom and I decided to stop at TJMaxx and just "have a look around." As we were looking, mom walked off toward one part of the store and I another. As I was browsing the racks I felt something awfully close to my back side. I turned around and this little boy, who couldn't have been over 4 years old, was standing directly behind me clutching a fire truck. Thinking I was blocking him for going to wherever he was going, I moved to the side only to have him move to the side with me, while looking up at me and smiling...odd. I started walking...he started walking....I stopped, he stopped....I looked down at him, he looked up at me with a huge grin. "Where is this kids mother!!!"...I started walking again, he started walking again.........thinking: "I don't know where HIS mom is...but I'm going to find MINE!!!" He followed me all the way across the store and stopped when I stopped beside my mom. I looked at mom and said "he's following me!!" with panic in my voice. Mom (because shes a mom, she knows what to do in these situations) smiled down at the little boy and said "honey, are you lost." He then proceeded to grab my hand. I said "where is your mom??"...and thinking about the germs that kids have on them, yikes!! he said "I yo mamma"......huh?? Mom and I smiled at each other and then proceeded to say "wheres your mom?" ...." I YOMAMMA!!!" pointing to me!! My mom: "Whats your name" child: "marcus". My mom:"Okay marcus, lets go up front and look for your mom" child now named marcus: "I her mamma!" pointing to me and by now he is clinging to my arm and I'm bent over trying to pluck him off of me and trying not to laugh or get totally freaked out. I had just been adopted!!!
We started walking to the front of the store and Marcus proceeded to grab a buggy and climb inside, while holding my arm, and told me to "push". I just stood there...there is no way in this world I am going to push this kid in a buggy, who isn't even my kid OR my buggy for that matter...around the store...I was helpless!! People were looking and this kid was yelling and insisting that I was his mom!!!...............wanna know the funny part..........he was African American. WHERE WAS THIS KIDS MOM????
Mom went the rest of the way up to the front of the store, while I stood, helpless, beside the buggy, with the kid yelling that I'm his mom and clutching my arm. The clerk at the counter came over to us..."whats your name?" "marcus" "whats your moms name?" "Patrice" "where is your mom?" Marcus points to me "I HER MAMMA!!" Clerk smiles, people look and FINALLY his mom walks around the corner.......does she act likes shes been wondering where her 4 year old has been gone all of this time? NO Does she act like its weird that her son has adopted me, some white girl, as his mom? NO...she simply says "marcus, get on over here and stop messin'".......
and in the words of Marcus, "mom, I YO MAMMA!!" and THANK GOODNESS for that!!
Some moms just don't get it.

Anyways....thanks mom for being my mom and my super hero!! We have a joke in our family, if you need advice or help with things around the house, cars or anything dad....but if you need a hug, compassion or someone to call at 3am when the house alarm is screeching and you're home mom!!!



Autumn said...

Ok, you are a hoot! Love you!!

Jackie said...

Weren't you a lucky girl! Just a taste of what your own child will do. Love ya

mom said...

Couldn't have asked for a sweeter,more loving child. (Maybe one that was not as strong willed but your still the sweetest.) I was truly blessed to be you and your brothers mom.
All my love,