Friday, May 22, 2009

Cupcake Wedding Cake

So my daddy actually emailed me the pictures of my cupcake wedding cake. So here you go, you can click on the pictures and they should appear larger :)

The bride said her wedding colors were ivory and black, she wanted a cross topper and her wedding flowers were tulips and daisies. She expected 50 guests and other than those bits of information, she told me to do what I wanted. This is what I turned out:

I found a stand online and had it and the black cupcake liners shipped. The stand was actually made out of styrofoam. I went to Hobby Lobby and found pretty, silky, ivory fabric and black ribbon. I also got some pearl pins. I draped the clothe over the stand and used the pins to tack the cloth to my liking. Then I took the black ribbon and pinned it around the bottom of each stand layer. This took a longgggg time, I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with the stand, but I was pleased with how it turned out. I wish I could get the stand back, but the bride technically paid for its hers to keep.

The cake has about 68 cupcakes total. All chocolate with homemade butter cream frosting. My sweet mother actually helped me ice the cupcakes. I like the big, fluffy, swirl for my cupcake icing...she perfected her icing skills and did a marvelous job!
The mini cake on top is chocolate with buttercream frosting and daisies. I made the cross topper by mixing gum paste and fondant icing. I rolled it out, using my nice marble roller mom got me :), and then I just cut a cross shape out by hand. I let that harden (over night) and then mixed gum paste and hot water to make edible cake "glue". I hand glued each of the little sugar pearls onto the cross. Then I used luster dust (an edible sparkle, glittery powder) to make the cross have a little shine. I took a star icing tip and made the little stars that outline the bottom of the cake, then took a sugar pearl and placed it in the middle of each star.

I'm pretty proud of the way my very first cupcake wedding cake turned out :) I also heard that the cake was a big hit and the bride LOVED it!!! yahoooo...thats all that matters!!


Meredith said...

You did a phenomenal job.

Autumn said...

Looks great, and glad the bride liked it! :)

Jackie said...

talented talented talented.