Monday, April 27, 2009

"Lindsey, you're going to get dirty."

My dads words...when I got my DIRT BIKE...yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I'm thrilled beyond words!!...okay, not really, we know I'm hardly ever "beyond words" haha, but still VERY excited!!

Sev picked me up from work Thursday and we headed to Charlotte to take a peek at some dirt bikes I found online. We arrived at our first destination and I decided I did not like the bike from the get-go...too short. We went to the next place and from the start I liked the looks of the bike, but once ridden, not so was too tall, and a few other minor issues that I didn't know much about and was too afraid to purchase the bike w/ little knowledge. Sev however, loved the bike. It was just the right size for him. I was still a bit skeptical so we left with no purchase. We came home and while a bit disappointed...happy that we didn't just jump on any ole' bike and actually took our time to look at different bikes and decide what we did and didn't like about each one.
While at work on Friday I started talking to my dad about the second bike we had looked at. I told him how much the guy was asking for it and what all I saw wrong w/ it. We talked a bit about the bike and finally decided that it just may not be such a bad bike after all. I decided I would call the guy and name my price. This is where my biggest part comes into play when purchasing big ticket items. I'm a low baller, hardheaded purchaser (its my job) :) So I put my best skills into play and haggled the guy down...SCORE!! We had a bike for sev. Only get it at the price I wanted, we had to pick it up THAT day. So, Sev got off work at 2pm and drove all the way to Charlotte, by himself, to pick up his new "toy". He drove back to Columbia just in time for me to throw my over night bag into the truck and take off to Greenville. Sev wasn't getting a bike without me...oh no!! So we met my dad and his buddy in Greenville and looked at a bike for me.....the bike was just right, the price (after I put my skills to the test again) was just right. We had TWO bikes!! I'm now happy to have a Yamaha TTR125L and Sevy is thrilled to have his Honda XR200. Once we had both the bikes, we took them to my parents house and unloaded them in my dads shop. Friday evening I got to scoot around in the neighborhood...trying to pick up tips and learn all about riding a bike. Saturday came and found us in my parents yard, helping with chores. Cars were washed, plants were planted, holes were dug, oil was changed, garage was swept out and then mom and I took our chore super powers to my grandmas house and did the same for her. Saturday night Sevy, dad and I played around in the shop, working out kinks in the bikes and learning a few things from dad. Sunday, mom and I went to Greenville to attend a church service at NewSpring. We ended up seeing Aud there and she stayed with us for the second service and then joined us for lunch after. We got to spend some time with Lexabean at PF Changs (YUMM) and then we went out for an ice cream treat!! Mom and I came back home to start getting ready for Christophers birthday dinner. Mom made her famous lasagna and I made cupcakes. We were graced with Christopher's presence sometime in the afternoon and then enjoyed a nice meal with him before we headed back down the road to Columbia. The weekend was over alllll tooooo soon...but I can't WAIT for next weekend!!! I'm getting a helmet this week and then...I might just get dirty ;-)


Autumn said...

You are certainly a NUT! I love you just the same though...and I'm so glad we got to hang out yesterday. Can't wait to see you again soon ;)

The Dales said...

I was just about to say, right until the last line...What about a helmet, lady? Glad you got your toy, your right, you deserve it!

Jackie said...

Can't wait to see you ride! Glad you got something that you and your dad can bond's about time (don't want that brother and husband to get all the bonding time). Becareful but have fun! Love ya