Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap...

Mom fussed because I always say I'm going to post pictures...but then I don't. I'm sorry! The main reason for this is, I update my blog during a free moment at work. I don't have pictures on my work computer. When I get home from work...the last thing I want to do is get on the computer...so no pictures :( I will try and work harder at this but I thought I should give an explanation, since mom said something.

SO....without any pictures: Easter Weekend Recap.

I had Friday off of work. My plans were to sleep in as late as I wanted! Sev had to work that day, so that meant the WHOLE BED to myself for a few leisurely hours!!! hahahaha (evil laugh). Uhm..nope.
I went to bed at 1am on Thursday night. I was busy cutting out the rest of the clothe for my mother-in-laws quilt and then cleaning my house. If there is ONE thing I cant STAND its leaving my house messy and then coming back on a lovely Sunday afternoon to a MESS, bleh, hate it!! So I fall asleep at 1am. 6:30am....I'm awake. Sev is getting ready to leave for work and...I can't sleep. My lovely, moments alone in the middle of the bed dreams...dashed!! I can't sleep...its pointless. I'm up. So...I:
Baked cupcakes.
Worked on the quilt.
Made Peanut butter icing for the cupcakes.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Got Ali up (yes I have to get my dog up, he is LAZY!!! and refuses to get out the bed on his own before 8am!!! Most morning I carry him from his bed to the back door and say "outside or kennel up??" he runs into his kennel and curls back up.)
Got dressed in gym clothes.
Took Ali to the groomers.
Went to the gym.
Went to walmart to get muslin and batting.
Came back home and finished piecing the quilt.
finished baking cupcakes.
Took a shower.
Made lunch.
Sev came home.
Sev left to get Ali.
Sev came back home.
Packed car.
Headed up the road to Inman, SC.
Friday night mom and I decorated the cupcakes and I was beat!! Dad and sev hooked some tail light thingamajig up to his truck (don't ask, don't know, don't care to know).
Saturday morning, sev left at 6am to fish with my dad.
I left the house a little after 10am to spend the day with my Gma Nail (who by the way is WAY COOL!! I rarely spend time w/ her but I really should more often, we're alot alike and I like the way she thinks!! She doesn't talk much, but when she does I listen!! She gives great advice and has the most interesting stories...you can really learn alot from people that have "been there, done that").
Grandma and I:
Looked at her book collection.
Looked at her past homemade quilts.
Finished piecing together my quilt.
Fixed my sewing machine.
Ate lunch.
Ate homemade (by gma) bread and butter pickles.
Looked at her backyard (shes got lots of flowers and lots of gardens!).
Shared a cupcake.
pinned the quilt to the batting and muslin.
finished the quilt (in a cool "hidden stitch" technique gma taught me!).
Before I knew it, it was time to go :-( I will not let as much time pass between now and when I hang out with her again!!
Saturday night I met mom for Mexican.
Sunday Sevy and I woke up and looked over our Easter Bunny surprises!! I tried to wake Chris up (in typical "lindsey" fashion) to no avail :-( We had to leave before he woke up!!
We went to sev's parents for Easter and Sues B-day.
We gave her the quilt :-) She said she loved it!! wahooooo!! (I forgot to take a picture, can you believe that!!! Good thing Sue said she didn't mind if I snapped a picture of it the next time I'm up! and I WILL post pics of that!!!).
We shared a nice brunch...eggs, cinnamon rolls and fruit salad.
We left and went to my aunts house to have our Easter get-to-gether.
I ate WAYYY TOOO MUCH!!! All the food was wayyyy too good!!!! I don't even like potatoes but the way my aunt makes them, should be a sin!! (do NOT want that recipe...its a recipe for DISASTER for my thighs!!!haha). We played outside for just a bit. Chased Perrin and the dogs around for a few minutes. We didn't hide eggs this year :-( guess I'm too old...bummer.
OH I DID get to feel the professor move!!! like 3 different times!!!! It was weird...just as weird as the first time I felt Pbug move and Alexabean move....its just a feeling you don't get used to!! It felt like an alien inside mer. yikes. However, from the way he kicks...he is def. going to be a professor and NOT a soccer player, haha.

That pretty much sums up our Easter weekend :) It was nice, quality time, spent with all of our family.

Last night I was pretty tired. Guess all the running around over the weekend caught up with me. I came home, cooked dinner (grilled chicken tenders and sweet potato fries), cleaned the kitchen, made tuna salad and chicken salad (in big batches) for easy lunch prep, planted cilantro in my indoor herb pot, took a shower and got in the bed...only to wake up seconds (well, what felt like seconds) later to my alarm clock.

The weather here as been CRAZY today!! It has been thundering, dark as night and pouring rain (I mean POURINGGGG rain) one second and then the next its sunny as sunny can be. Silly weather...though good for my flowers I'm sure!!

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Jackie said...

I loved seeing you and Sevy. I am so glad the family got together. I love it when we do. Love you. AJ