Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!

Today is my baby brothers birthday!!! He IS the baby, even if he is over 6 feet tall (2 heads taller than me!!) and now in his mid 20's.

I've often times wondered what it would be like to be an only child. No one to fight over the bathroom with, no one to share the attention of my parents with, no one to share toys with, no one to worry about stealing the last of the good cereal, no one to fight with....but then I would have had no one to blame the hole in the wall on, complain to about mom and dads stupid rules, be the "robber" for my pretend role as "cop", chase around the yard on a scooter, play marco polo with in the pool, talk into jumping down the laundry shoot, Drive mom and dad CRAZY with(my personal fav), wake up on Christmas morning and share in the spirit of the holiday, give nicknames too, and share in the chores with. When I think about all the things I shared with my brother growing up and lessons I learned from having a brother...I guess I'm pretty lucky he came along ;-)

Then sometime I think...what if I had a sister!! Oh no..lets not even go there. Having a brother prepared me for ALOT of what its like to live with a boy!! I think he helped prepare me for married life. He taught me all about living with...the toilet seat up, clothes in piles on the floor, strange odors, a messy eater and basically all nasty boy habits. haha.

I don't believe I liked him much at first. I've heard stories ;-) but I think over time he started to grow on me and now I don't know much about life without him. So heres to 24 years with a brother!!

HAppy Birthday Nin :-) Hope its a great one!!


Meredith said...

Hope you're reading this, Chris... I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!

Autumn said...

ROFL!! You are such a mess...and I have to say that being the youngest, brother or sister...doesn't really matter! Just kidding guys :) I hope Chris has a wonderful birthday!!

The Dales said...

Happy Birthday Christopher! Hope its great!

mom said...

Trying to raise the two of you was a job!!!!!!But one I wouldn't have traded for the world. And Christopher's height he gets from his dad but his good looks are definitely from me. Ha Ha
Happy Birthday Keek
We love you

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet, kind hearted and loving nephew. Love you Chris. AJ

Ron said...

pain in the *&^%, both of also mean the world to me :). love you guys, dad