Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too Cute...

My husband that is...

So for the past three mornings I have crawled out of bed, fumbled to the back door to let Ali out and happened upon a post-it note stuck strategically in spots around our home :)

Now I know he doesn't have the best handwriting...but isn't he the cutest thing ever!!

This one was on the pantry door:

Found on the glasses, plastic cups and coffee mug cabinet:
On the fridge:

Isn't he the sweetest!! **sigh** He knows how to make a half sleepy, hair sticking out everywhere, morning breath mess feel pretty!! LoL.

Anyways, my sister-in-law is having surgery on her gums today, so if you think about it send a quick prayer up for her :) My mother-in-law is in town to help take care of Jessie. I offered to make dinner for us this lets keep your fingers crossed we don't end up ordering take out,lol!!

I had a job interview today...I don't want to say much and jinx myself but I felt good about it. I'm so ready to get back into a routine!!
Sev has been working his tail off. He gets up at 5:30am (nothing new for him coming out of the army) and doesn't get off until after 6pm!! That's right...OVER 12hrs a day!! Bless his heart, he is SUCH a good sport!! I make his lunch every night and place it in the fridge for him to grab in the morning...last night I decided I would return the post-it note favor and stuck a love note on his sandwich...I bet the guys he works with will LOVE that, lol. Oh well!!
Just wanted to share my day with the blog world...dinner is in crock pot and I'm off to the gym!!


Autumn said...

Oh, he is sweet! I hope the surgery goes well for Jessie...I am praying for her.

Um...we miss you too...too bad you didn't come see us when you were HERE last weekend :( Just kidding! Love ya!

The Dale's said...

So, why is Sev in the dog house now, hahaha!

Miss you two and am praying for your job hunt. God has the perfect job waiting on you, you just have to wait, I was pretty sure you were getting good at waiting, considering you just got out of the army....hehehe!

Jackie said...

Oh how sweet. You lucky dog, I love that. I know it makes you feel special. That is how to keep your marriage fresh, it truley is the little things that count.

Haley said...

That was so sweet of him!

Jackie said...

Speaking of bad spelling check out the new word I made up....truley...hahaha. It should read truly

Anonymous said...

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Delighted said...

Yes, he is too cute.
Guess what else is too cute?
Your dog!!!