Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Life

Quick update.

So Sev is still carrying around 4 large kidney stones. Last friday evening we had a full night planned out with friends. It started with dinner at Jessi and Don's and from there we all went into the vista for a friday night out on the town. Sev started complaining about his side hurting shortly after we arrived at our first location. I knew right away it was his kidney stones...this happens frequently. The difference this time was the pain wouldnt go away. Long story short, we ended the night after only an hour after it started. We felt so bad as we left our friends out on the town while we rushed sev to the ER. He was given 2 ivs and some morphine. They took x-rays of his kidneys to see if he had a blockage and came back with the news that "no he doesnt have a blockage but 4 of the largest kidney stones we've ever seen, usually kidney stones dont even show up on x-rays it takes a CT scan." GREAT!! Poor Sev, it is the WORST feeling in the world watching your husband cringe, cry and curl up into a ball to try and make himself comfortable. So, this week has taken him in and out of the hospital on Ft. Jackson and back and forth between doctors. He is currently getting a scan done on his kidneys so that he can then be referred out to a urologist. He will have surgery AGAIN, thank the Lord we are covered under tricare (100% insurance via military). Sev has been feeling okay, other than the minor annoyance of being pushed around from doctor to doctor and poked and prodded by each one. Please keep him in your prayers as he not only faces another surgery but has to take time off of much needed work!!!
I have been going on interview after interview...I told my gma last night that I am going to start calling my profession a "professional interviewee"...only....I don't get paid :-(
Things are looking up...most of the interviews have been second and even third interviews, I'm just waiting...and I feel like it's getting closer. I pray by next week that God has shown me what plans he has for my career.
I must say that the interviews have def. only made me stronger and been to my benefit!! I have learned sooo much!! I have had to present a 5 minute presentation in front of possible employers, I have had to have over the phone conferences with employers located outside of the state, I have had to take proctored exams, I've gone through just about every "role play" known possible.
Hmmmm, other than that...not much has been going on. We were fortunate enough to spend Easter with my family. We didn't get to see Sevs family, so we're hoping to see them for an entire weekend coming up soon. Unfortunately we've had to cancel our plans to go to the Carolina cup this weekend and the charleston bridge run the following weekend. We have friends from Hawaii that are currently in Myrtle Beach so we're hoping to get the chance to see them in the upcoming days.
Ali is being as cute as ever...we're about to pop with excitement to see the Dangels knew addition.
I was able to see my brother yesterday. He was in Columbia for a business training program. We ate lunch together and talked about life. We're pretty good at annoying each other...but we're also pretty good at listening and talking to each other. Please keep him in your prayers as well, he is trying to find the path God has planned for his life.
Well, I guess thats it...I'm suppose to be organizing our closet, but I got side tracked :-) It's a common lindsey thing.

Have a great week!!


mom said...

I am so glad you got to eat lunch with Christopher. He still looks up to you no matter how big/tall/old he gets. I pray daily for you both.
Much love,

Mimi said...

I was sorry to learn of Sev's kidney stones - hope the surgery gets done soon so he can feel better soon! Also hope you hear about the right job for you soon, I know that's hard! Lots of love!