Monday, March 31, 2008

Another weekend over :(

Wow, it was SO cold this past weekend!! Very depressing after such a warm week we were having! I have been organizing our bedroom and closet for the past week...yes WEEK. I have mild OCD and once I start something I am pretty much over the top with it. I am an All or Nothing kind of person...realllllllllly bad in some cases, Really good in others. For my bedroom sake...this past week it has been a GOOD thing. I finally got around to sorting out every single item of clothes I own. I have a ROOM (seriously, as I type this my office space is covered in clothes!) full of clothes to be sold at a yard sale or donated. When we purchased our home one of the nice things we loved was the size of our closet...its pretty big!! Ha, I actually thought it might be a bit overly large. Well, while we have been settling in I've been floored by all the limited space we have in our closet. I finally realized that it is b/c for the first time in YEARS I have all of my clothes and all of severyns clothes in the same place!! You see, once I moved out of my parents house, I still had clothes there (like whatever season of clothes we werent in). Then I moved in with my gma and I had clothes at her house. Then I moved to Hawaii and clothes went there...moved back here from Hawaii and clothes stayed in storage there. So for the past 5 or 6 years I've had clothes in numerous closets, drawers, houses, storage units. Now that everything we both own is under one roof...WE ARE OVERLOADED with CLOTHES!!! Ahhhhhh!!
SO...I am VERY proud to say that ALL of my clothes have been sorted through and put into their proper places!! (and yes this took a week!). I have all of my shoes in little clear Rubbermaid boxes, all of my winter clothes in Rubbermaid containers, and I even have a Rubbermaid container full of my "skinny clothes" HA..cause lets face it I've put on some extra weight since sev has been home (but I wont get rid of these clothes b/c I WILL fit back into them!!) However, also during that week I scrubbed my bathroom and bedroom (as my grandma would say "i got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the base boards, and Clorox everything!"), not that our bathroom was that dirty...but every bathroom and bedroom needs a good scrubbing once in awhile.
Thats RIGHT, I have Pictures of my new and improved closet!!!

I hung the shelves on the wall that you see my bluejeans on, while sev was still deployed.

So, I have been giving it alot of thought (have been for some time now) and I'm really considering going back and getting my masters. I've always said I would...but I really feel like the more I put it off the likely hood of me actually accomplishing this will slim. So, good news is...part of my negotiating with companies before I get hired is to have them pay for me to get my masters as a benefit. Luckily many employers are willing to discuss this benefit. I have yet to really pin point exactly what I want to get my masters in...I'm still researching that. I know I don't want to get it in my major, dont get me wrong I really enjoy Marketing...but it wasnt my dream, so I'm hoping my masters can accomplish my dreams. I really miss school, as weird as that may sound. I honestly enjoyed going to class and hearing lectures I was actually interested in. There were those classes that I dreaded...but overall college was an awesome time in my life. I've said before that graduating with honors was my biggest goal achieved so getting my masters would only highlight my goals achieved.
Oh..on another note....I am sooo upset that airlines are now changing their checked luggage policy. Maybe some people don't have a hard time as is...but man, I do!! I ALWAYS used my two checked my carry on was always stuffed to the brim (I'm not high maintenance, I just have alot of junk and never know exactly what to pack, so I pack it all). They just announced that NOW airlines will only be allowing ONE checked bag :( Boo!!! I think from now on we will rent a uhaul and drive to our vacation destinations!!


Delighted said...

You and Stephanie kill me with your jeans! I have two pairs.

Keith and I were very bummed about the baggage thing too. Craptacular.

Haley said...

Yep, the baggage thing kills me too! The limit is 50 pounds. When Hal and I went to Vegas, I packed us each one suitcase and BOTH were OVER 50 lbs. What do you do then? I think its pretty ridiculous!

Autumn said...

LOL...I love you! :) Glad you got your closet organized!

Mrs. Mullen said...
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Mimi said...

Your closet looks great! And, I agree about the new policy for checked baggage - we're flying next Tuesday so we'll see how we do with that one 50 pound bag rule! Oh, well, guess we'll have to really think everything through as we pack! LOL