Monday, March 03, 2008

Patience, Painting and Parents

So Sev and I have been rather busy lately. As I posted previously we went on a painting spree!! Last week while Steph, Jon and Perrin where here our house looked like a tornado attacked it!! So I thought I would post some pictures....BEFORE and AFTER pictures!! No way am I posting in between pictures!!! It was bad enough letting Steph see my house the way it was....having my father-in-law over was beyond humiliating!! Even Stephanie asked me how I wasnt about to die to have my father in law see our house the way it was!! Yes it was SCARY!!!

So, here is a picture of the dining room after we painted it and before the tornado hit:
Here is the truck parked outside our house...delivering our house hold goods. I almost died when I saw they used an 18wheeler to bring our stuff!!!! BUT it wasnt full of JUST OUR STUFF!!!! ***deep breath!!***:
This is the only picture taken and allowed to be posted while our house was messy. The boxes that held our house hold goods proved to be very entertaining for Perrin Bug....isn't he cute!!! He had just woken up from a nap :-)
Okay...I just had to throw this one in there....Ali stands at our back door after we let him out to do his business and then when he is ready to be let back in he starts at one corner of the door and hops to the other and repeats these steps until we let him in....what makes it funny, is his tongue!! He ALWAYS keeps his tongue out and while he is hoping from one side of the door to the isnt uncommon to see him dragging his tongue along behind him, LOL:

The finished product (didnt think it was possible, huh steph, lol):

Mom and dad came and spend the weekend with sev and I. While Dad and Sevy worked on our back patio and I got busy with the dining room. Everyone knows my moms hidden talent isnt teaching...but decorating!!! I love love love this room now!!! The picture doesnt even do the room justice....but you get the idea :-) I'll start taking reservations for my moms services this spring, so if you're interested just let me know (mom we'll discuss my compensation later) HAHA.

I forgot to take pictures of the nice job Sev and my Dad did with our patio...I was really proud of them. Sev is excited to grill out this coming Wednesday when his father makes another business call in the area. I'm excited for him to see that I reallllllly dont allow his son to live in such a messy house!!! LoL.

I've started on our guest bedroom...and YES we repainted!! We both like it very much and we had our first guests (my parents) use the room this past weekend....once I get it finished I'll post pictures :-) However....if anyone decides to make a trip to Columbia feel free to come by and check it out yourself!!! I can't promise you a hot breakfast...but my parents claim that the new mattress is rather comfy :-)

Happy Monday everyone!!!


Mimi said...

Okay, Linds, sign me up first for your Mom! I've known for a long time, as evidenced in her home, what a great talent she has! I just need to get her to go shopping with me, lots of times, maybe I can buy her lunch or dinner or both several times as a partial compensation :) Oh, you, Autumn and Alexa can come along too!

Mimi said...

PS - your dining room looks great!

Haley said...

It looks GREAT, Lindsey!

Autumn said...

I think it looks fabulous! Glad you are pleased with your progress!! :) We miss Auntie Lou Lou and Sevy!

The Dale's said...

Oh how beautiful! It looks sooo much better than last week! I knew you (and your mom) could do it!! Still coming home this weekend? If so, lets all go out one night and leave Perrin bug with grammy....k? Bye!

Delighted said...

Yay! It is gorgeous, Linds! And yes, we all know your mom has hidden talent. My mom says so, too.

mom said...

Glad you like the dinning room Lindsey but you give me way to much credit. You knew what you wanted and we just set out and got busy getting it together.
Dad and I had a terrific weekend with you both.Thank you for having us.We will be back real soon and this time I,ll expect dinner in the dinning room. Ha Ha
Love to you both,

Jackie said...


Keith said...

Who is this Grammy you speak of? I thought you only left Perrin with MeeMaw?

Jackie said...

OK Keith, don't jump on that bandwagon with Linds. You guys are just too funny. ha ha ha love ya though.

Anonymous said...

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