Tuesday, March 11, 2008


yes. I am getting so frustrated with this entire "job search" process. I put job search in quotations...b/c I haven't really been job searching. Let me explain for a moment:
When sev and I returned from Hawaii I was contacted by my previous employer at TS (abriviated for the sake of it). They really wanted me to come back to work there...so I told them I would. My old position had been filled and therefore they started a search for a new position to put me in. Fine and dandy, right. Wrong...this has proven to be very difficult. They can't find a position to put me in!!! I was interviewing with Nationwide insurance and really thought I had something going there...when I sort of dropped the ball on it because I had decided I would go back to work for TS. Now I've pretty much let another job go while TS keeps dragging its feet. Frustrating for someone who NEEDS a job!!! I don't just want any job. I have a degree...one I really enjoy and I want a job utilizing my degree!!! I realize that beggars cant be choosers...and I may have to take a job in a field I realllly don't want to....but come on....I DON'T want to wait forever!! I can't.

And why is it that when you don't have a job...EVERYONE asks you what you do??? ahhhhhhhh I just want to scream when someone asks what I'm doing now....I want to scream...."I'm a LOSER Living off of my HUSBAND and they call my position a COUCH POTATOOOOOOOO!!!!!" what do you think they would say??? hahaha. Really though, thats how I feel.
I'm trying to make the best of the situation...getting my house organized, shooting my resume out on occasion, getting my files in order.....but man, I want a job!!

I know TS wants me back...but I've just about given up on waiting on them, therefore I have started sending my resume out again for more potential positions. I know the Lord has a plan for everything...and this is part of his plan for me....so I'm going to stop complaining now and go run some errands.

Keep me in your prayers :-) Have a wonderful week!!

imagine that, TS called and want me to come back in for another interview....QUIT pulling my chain people!!! ugh. I'll go, but I also just sent my resume to a few more companies...and I'm NOT going to turn another one down JUST because TS keeps claiming they want me back.


Haley said...

oh man, I remember those days when I was right out of college and couldn't find a dang thing. Everyone wanted experience and no one would hire without experience, so where do you get the experience from?? I am a poli sci major and I work in a health care office. I did end up having to settle. I will be praying for you and your job search!

Autumn said...

Girl I hope you find something soon...I know how frustrating this is for you! I hate that we didn't get to see you this weekend...maybe sometime soon we can hook up. Love ya!

Delighted said...

I just said a prayer that you would feel God's peace in the meantime and that when His will brings you the right job, you will see it clearly! I know this is tough. Love you.