Friday, July 23, 2010

What I've Been Doing

I'm very disappointed in myself. I have not blogged in a few weeks and I was doing so well too! Then life got' it happens. I am still here though! I've just been busy...there, that sounds like a good excuse! I've been busy!
Honestly, I've just been living life and haven't found the time to blog...or really, found anything worth blogging about.

Our July 4th weekend went off with a bang...or up in flames really. We managed (I shouldn't say "we" because I had nothing to do with it) but the group I was with managed to catch $2000 worth of hay bales on fire. That was a site! 911 had to be called and firefighters worked into the wee hours of the morning putting out the fire. Something about fireworks and dry hay doesn't mix(...who woulda' thought!? **sigh**) As a matter of fact, the fire kept burning for a week straight. I'm pretty sure a great lesson was learned by all involved. I was tempted to pull out the marshmallows and Hershey chocolate, but I didn't think firefighters would be amused.

The following weekend I missed a very precious little boys 3rd birthday. Perrin turned 3 on July 11th. I spent time with him over the July 4th weekend and could not make the trip back to the upstate the following weekend for his birthday party. He is growing so fast, it's crazy. It amazes me how quickly he picks up on things and how fast he learns!

Here is pbug and I over the July 4th weekend (we are having a very in depth conversation, can you tell?):

Then, on the following weekend, I missed ANOTHER very special, very important, very big birthday. I missed Henrybaby's first birthday! Henry lives in Raleigh though...his parents are selfish and do not like to share, so they keep him far away from the rest of the people that love Henrybaby (I am totally kidding, Henry's parents are my cousins and they live in Raleigh because that's where life currently has them...I just feel the need to give them a hard time, it's payback for the fuss I dealt with while living in Hawaii and missing all of our family Holidays!). Henry also happens to share a birthday very close to my own father, therefore I ended up spending last weekend with my family. We enjoyed a sweet, little, mini vaca at Litchefield beach. We spent the nights playing card games and the days lounging on the beach. On Sunday Mom and I beat Dad and Sev at putt-putt...I think...okayyy I don't remember...but who was really counting?!....okay! The guys won. geez.
We sang happy birthday to my dad, three times. In the morning, at dinner and then later that night while serving up his birthday cake.
I missed out on making 3 birthday cakes!! Though, when we went to pick my dads birthday cake up from piggly wiggly (I know, cut me some slack, there was no way I could bake a cake at the beach!) The grocery store baker was not in, they had no one to write the "happy birthday" message on the cake! Never fear, I spoke right up "I've got this!" and demanded a bag of icing! I got a few strange stares as I leaned over the counter, right smack dab in the middle of the grocery store, and put the final touches on dads birthday cake! For a minute I felt my calling...but then it faded a minute later when I realized the people behind the counter had to wear hair thank you!! I'll stick to my desk job for now.
We had a great time.
Oh, I did get stung by a jellyfish! Ouch!!
When I was telling Kennedi about the jellyfish sting she admitted she was disappointed when I told her that "NO, no one peed on me to stop the sting!". Who comes up with this stuff? I want to meet the person that first suggested, "hey...somebody...HURRY...pee on me!!! Lets see if this will stop the stinging!!"....weirdo! Sorry guys, if you're like Kennedi and thought I would have a better story about the incident...I don't, I just used a cold water bottle and sat through the pain. The end.
I am currently working on finding a place to volunteer some of my time. I've begun to realize that even though I seem to have a hard time finding any spare time, what spare time I do have could really be put to better use serving others. I'm applying to volunteer as a guardian ad litem for Lexington county. I really hope that I get the chance to volunteer for this, I honestly hope to make a difference. It's something I've been praying about and researching for some time. Can you imagine, me as a "mentor" figure....HEY I heard that!!
Really though, keep me in your prayers...pray I find whatever it is God is calling me to do with my time.
I am currently working on a Dr. Seuss cake!! I will be honest and say that THIS cake is something I have been hoping and waiting on someone to request!! I'm stoked, I've been drawing the design for some time now, I hope it turns out exactly as I imagine! I'll share pictures when I'm through. I was contacted by a casting producer for TLC, she wanted me to apply for a TV series they are getting ready to run all about cakes...that too has been something I've been working on. We'll see how that goes, I'm not sure it's something I could do but man it's fun to dream! I have my doubts, but it's sure been an experience thus far.
Well, this post has gotten fairly lengthy. I'll end it now!
Happy Friday everyone!!!


Kennedi said...

Okay, I think most people would agree that the jelly fish story could have been better if there were a little urine involved. Just the thought of that made me laugh so hard that I actually snorted a little!

Mrs. Mullen said...

lol, you are a nut! It would not have made for a good story, considering the sting was on my neck!! yuck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you... who ever decided peeing on a jelly fish sting would help... unless they got stung and peed their pants... hey it could happen!

And awesome on the cake thing!

Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention.......................................................................