Monday, July 26, 2010

Country Livin' is Where it's At!!

I've known ever since I was knee high to a grass hopper that the country is where I belong.
I love the smell of the country, unless the wind is blowing a certain direction and a field full of cows is near by.
I can see, hear and feel God even better in the country.
Call me crazy.

This past weekend Sevy and I took full advantage of the country lifestyle!
I had a cake to deliver on Saturday morning (please see the latest cake here, LOVED making this cake!).
Then we headed on up to the upstate. We had plans to stay at Sevs parents farm. We are dog sitting for them and we thought she (the dog) would appreciate a little time back on her farm. I think she hates the city life just as much as we do, the second we got there she bounded from the truck and took off to the fields.
That afternoon we enjoyed a pizza dinner with my oldest friend, Aud. I rarely get the chance to see Autumn and Alexa. So it's always a treat when we do find the time to see one another.
Alexa is growing like a weed! I tried to hold her and cuddle on her and at one point I got all nostalgic on her and tried to rock her and tell her about how little she used to be...and then I realized how OLD that made me sound and I recognized the blank look on her face...the one that says "hey, let me go're squeezing the life out of me and I don't care how small I used to be! I've got things to do!" When did I get into this phase of life??
Later that night I got the chance to read Alexa her nightly story and then tuck her into bed. It was a precious time and I loved every second of it. However, because I'm her god mother and not her mother...I found the act of actually making her go to sleep really rather boring! So...I decided to entertain her and so (as any good god mother would) I squeezed myself into a little tutu that was laying on her bedroom floor. We both giggled and laughed as I danced around the room, until her mother came in (fun buster!) and told her to go to sleep. I was walking out of her room when Alexa said "lou lou" I turned around and she said "next time I see you, will you give me my tutu back?" ....I assured her that I was not taking the tutu home with me and that I would leave it in her room......just as soon as I figured out how to squeeze my adult butt out of her toddler sized tutu!!

We left Autumns and ended up stopping by another friends house on the way home. They were out of town but another friend of ours was house sitting. They live in the middle of the country, in a little log cabin, with a lovely front porch and delightful wooden front porch swing. We swang, swung...whatever...until late in the evening. It was a full moon, the temperature was perfect and the crickets were playing my favorite song. There is no better place than a front porch swing, in the middle of the country. Serenity.
We headed back to the farm sometime later and slept soundly.
Sunday morning Sev did some work around his parents farm and then we met another set of friends for some good ole' pond swimming!
Oh. My. gosh....I wish I had taken pictures of the little place we ended up spending most of our Sunday. We had to do a little off roading and then a little hay bale dodging as we drove through the middle of a pasture and then down a dirt road to...heaven. A pond in the middle of nowhere with the perfect rock to jump from. The guys did a little fishing and we swam and jumped from the rock until late into the afternoon. The land where we found the pond is actually for sale. I know that in time the entire place will probably be developed and the little pond, smack dab in the middle of a hay field, out in the middle of nowhere, will be surrounded by houses....I tried to soak in as much of the peaceful day as I could. The only thing that ran us off was the distant thunder. We loaded up and headed back to the house to fire up the grill. We spent the rest of the evening lounging on the back porch of Sevs parents house, just talking and enjoying the country setting.
I was so sad when we had to pack it all up and head back to the city.
That was how we spent our weekend and that is how I decided that home is where the heart is and my heart is in the country...right along side the crickets chirping, the water hole swimming and the front porch swinging!

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