Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Say cheese!

and then forgive a procrastinator!!

I hate that I am just now getting around to posting the pictures of my mothers surprise birthday party, I was trying to go through them and get approval from everyone...but then I realized that was just going to take too long. That, and I had a ton of people asking for the pictures! So here they are!
My mother started her day off thinking that she and my father were going to spend the day together and then enjoy a nice, quiet, relaxing dinner with my aunt and uncle.
She never saw it coming....
Sorry her eyes are closed, but I wanted to post a picture of her with her silly, birthday crown.

I just had to share a picture of Perrin showing off his aunt moo's boots!
Do you know who this is?? Nope, it's not Christopher with a wig on!

Though MAN don't they look alike!!!
Aunt stephy with her sweet nephew Henrybebe!

Mom is a child magnet! She loves kids and kids love her.

Again, sorry her eyes are closed...it's what you get when you try to capture candid pictures.

The cake!! The top layer was chocolate, the middle was carrot and the bottom was white. My mother was born in the fall, likes the fall and looks good in fall colors (haha, I really don't know about that...I just felt I needed three things to make that sentence sound good...). Therefore, she got a fall cake!

My mother and her very dear friend, Mrs. T. Again...eyes closed....geesh.

Two of the sweetest kids I know!
The guys.

Mom! and I bet if you zoom in her eyes are closed! ha...okay I really don't know that for a fact.



One lovely lady :-)

!!!!I love you mom!!!!
***PS. If you are in a picture and you would prefer that that particular picture not be posted, please let me know...believe me, I'll understand, I will delete. I've had my fair share of double chins, cross eyed, wide butt pictures that I wished had never seen the outside of a camera! haha***

***PPS. That does NOT go for you mom! The picture of you at 16 is mine for keeps!!***


Autumn said...

I was so glad I avoided all pics...and then I got to the end! LOL! We had such a good time, and Alexa loved playing with Perrin!

Meredith said...

Thanks for sharing! I'd love that pic of Henry and Steph.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Haha sorry aud! I think there was a pic of you and me, but it wasn't on my camera :(

Mer you can take that pic if you want :) I haven't printed them out or anything, they are just on my camera. If you aren't able to copy it from my blog let me know and I'll email it to you :)

Jackie said...

Love the pics. Aren't Perrin and Alexa cute together.

mom said...

Thanks to you all for getting my goat. I really was SURPRISED!!! Oh, and I can take the pictures of me with my eyes closed but the one of my younger years has to burn.
My cake was the prettiest I have ever seen. Your talent always amazes me. GOD skipped me and gave it to you. I love you.