Monday, December 28, 2009

The Monday after...

(just to be clear, I told him Happy Birthday in my heart on Christmas...but for blog purposes, I'm late)

Sev and I spent the entire week of Christmas, in the upstate, with our families. It was AWESOME!! I have not had an entire week off of work since I started the job I have now, over a year ago. We also got to see some snow! We ate LOTS of goodies, shared laughter with loved ones, shopped, wrapped and opened gifts, ate more goodies, and above all else...remembered the REAL reason for CHRISTmas.
I was the receiver of many nice gifts this year.
I am beyond grateful for my new jacket! Which, technically wasn't a Christmas gift...but kind of was, just not a gift for me, but ended up being a gift from me, though now the original gift receiver claims I hoodooed (is that a word? I know it's not voodoo...there was no pin poking in dolls...but I swear hoodoo is a made up word, something my dad is famous for) him into....basically, it goes like this (you can be the judge about my "hoodooing"); My father received two very nice gifts this Christmas (from my mom! who knows he returned if you got dad something, don't be offended, lol) which he decided he did not need. He returned his gifts and searched for another to replace them with. After finding nothing to replace his original gifts, he (very sweetly and kindly) gave his gift cards to me (His very sweet and ohhh so deserving daughter "awwww"!), who really needed a new coat...really! I found a wonderful little jacket and used the cards (on top of the after Christmas sales!)to purchase (at a great price!) my new Mountain Hardware Fleece Jacket (soooooo cozy and warm!). All was fine and dandy until we got home, where MY HUSBAND (out of ALL people) informed my father that I was spoiled! hhhmmph! His actual words were "man, your daughter is what you call milk dayssss after the expiration date!". Oh if looks could kill, he would be squashed! hahaha. Now my father...and even my mother! who decided to jump on the band wagon....have decided I cleverly hoodooed (seriously, someone let me know if this is a word!) my dad!
Whatever. It is 60 degrees in my office lie, I just checked the thermostat!...and I am soooooooooooooo thankful for my new jacket!!!
On top of the new jacket, I was delighted to receive:
A necklace from my (should be squashed) sweet husband.
Kitchen appliances...crock pot, coffee maker, steam mop...
A Starbucks coffee mug (so I can get some use out of my new coffee maker and take my coffee to go!)
Motorcycle gear (which includes knee pads...but of course! Dad is ON IT when it comes to dirt biker protection, lol)
The sweetest little pottery butter dish (from my mother-in-law who actually had it designed and hand made for me)
A Flip video camera (to take out on the trails with me when we ride)
and a horse...okay not really, but darn it, I got everything else...I can't figure out why I never get the horse on my list! I've had it on my list for yearsssssss.ha.
AND to top it all off, when I got home last night, I had a letter from Iliana!!! My first from her yet! She is precious! It was such a treat to come home and see that I had such a great gift in the mail.
Regardless of what Christmas gifts you got this year...or what Christmas gifts you didn't really get but sort of got because you're "what milk is dayssss after the expiration date"....remember that nothing tops the gift God gave man!!!!


***edited to say, I JUST spell checked hoodoo and it IS A word!!! Well I'll be....***


Jackie said...

I have to agree with Sev you are what they call milk dayssssss past the expiration date. ha ha ha

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