Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Not really at my house, but still.

This past weekend Sev and I drove to his parents house on Saturday, after his final exam (in German, yuck!), and headed for the hills of NC. We were in search of a Christmas tree for my in-laws. We drove around a bazillion twisty, curvy, turns and ended up at the cutest little farm what seemed like the middle of nowhereville. It was the house my dreams are made of. A big, two story, old, white house, with a BIG front porch and I'm sure squeaky floor boards! They had wreaths on every window and smoke flowing from the chimney...very Christmasy (yes, I made that word up). The entire front yard, side yard, and back yard were nothing but rows of Christmas trees. I loved it.
We got out of the car and began our hunt for the perfect tree. We spotted our tree in the front yard of the big ole' farm house.
That is the moment I decided I could never live on a Christmas tree farm. Oh no. Not this girl, not me...the one who can NOT stand change!
As we chopped our tree down, I noticed all of the tree stubs scattered about the front yard. Then I thought about how long it took to grow a Christmas tree (just in case you don't know, a Christmas tree grows one foot or less a year). Our tree was 7ft tall. The guy that owned the farm said he had planted the trees back in the 90's!!
I just can not imagine, having such gorgeous trees, right outside my window, for YEARS and then one Christmas have them all chopped down! Some of those trees were older than his kids!! I can just see the wreck I would be, if those trees were on my farm! I would be the crazy lady that followed all of the happy tree hunters around saying, "oh no, you don't want THAT tree, that one is hideous!...not that one either! just look at it's puny limbs!"...yeah, we wouldn't make a great living at tree farming! I'm such a sap ;-)

After we loaded our tree, we drove to Hendersonville, NC and had dinner at a little tapas grill. It was yummy! After our bellies were full, we made our way to the FlatRock cinemas and watched the Blind Side. It was a GREAT, feel good, movie! Loved it!
We decorated our tree on Sunday afternoon. I spent a little bit of time loving on Sue's horses and then we headed home.

We didn't go to great Christmas decorating lengths this year, we just didn't feel the need to shell out lots of $$ for a tree that we would hardly get to enjoy. We're just on the go so much! I hung a few decorations around the house, but nothing worth posting really. We'll enjoy the Christmas trees, lights and decorations at our families homes this year! However, I don't want to appear to be a scrooge or anything...don't get me wrong!...I do enjoy a festive home! So, I've been scrolling through a few blogs on the Christmas Tour of Homes 2010 blog! Check it out if you're one of those people that likes to see what others do to decorate their homes for Christmas (aka: you're just nosey like me, ha!).

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Meredith said...

That house sounds fabulous. My dream too. Old, white, big front porch is always what I've wanted. Don't think I can find that around here for less than half a million, though.

Sounds like a beautiful weekend!