Friday, July 10, 2009

Lets talk about Me Babyyyy

So, the most important day of the year is about to be here!! Oh come on...what do you mean "what day??" Well now its only the very day my parents were blessed beyond words, the day angels sang and the sun was just a bit more brighter...... MY BIRTHDAY!!! geesh.

So to keep up the "ALL ABOUT ME ME ME" flow I've got going with this post...

Usually this time of year comes around and I get a few "what do you want for your birthday?" questions and my response is "uhm, I can't think of anything." Now, I don't want to sound greedy this year...but I had a few minutes to think about things I wanted, but would not buy for myself anytime soon. Eh' I don't expect any of this, truth be told I would actually prefer money to pay my stinkin' school loans off...but everyone can dream :)

Pandora Clip (I only need one more clip and my bracelet will be set as far as clips go):

Helllllloooo who doesn't want a pink fridge???? Mmmk, really (though I would DEFINITELY rock out a pink fridge) I really just want an old fridge for my garage, a girl needs an extra fridge when she bakes a lot of cakes!!

and seriously, if anyone ever runs across a used pink fridge...let me know, LOL, the more I look at this pic. the more I really "NEED" a pink fridge!!!!

Another Pandora clip...but this one has my birthstone on huh!?

A Pandora Birthstone charm!!!

I wouldn't mind a cute pair of Brighton earrings :)

While I already have a nice little camelback. I really could use a larger both ways; large bladder for more H2O and a larger pack to carry more. This is how I stay hydrated on the dirt bike trails.

.......................Some things never change ;-)

"Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come trueeeeeeeeeee "(okay, mirrors are breaking)
Stay tuned (if you give a hoot and I KNOW you DO...its all about ME,lol, really I'm kidding folks) I may add more...Happy Friday!!!


Autumn said...

You are a nut job! Seriously though, that pink fridge doesn't go with your kitchen at all, and last time I was there you barely had room for your car in the garage so I don't think that thing will fit!

Jackie said...

And I thought this was going to about PERRIN's Birthday....Can't wait to see the cakes.