Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catch Up

Well, I've basically been baking like crazy. This leaves little time for other activities. Though I did manage to enjoy a dirt bike ride this past Saturday with my family. We celebrated my dads birthday on Friday and I baked his cake! (check it out on the cake blog) I also got to receive the wonderful news that mer had baby Henry on the 16th!! That's about all of the "news" from our little neck of the woods.

On Friday night, my brothers girlfriend was talking about spray tans and how her friend was not having much success with the spray tan she had received, it just wasn't sticking to her skin. I started to tell my family about the bad spray tan experience I had experienced. I told my family that I ended up looking like an umpalumpa and they looked at me like I had lost my mind, they didn't know what an umpalumpa was!! It didn't help that I tried to remind them of the WillyWonka movie by singing the "umpa lumpa dobidy do" song....my entire family thought I had really lost it at that moment, haha. So anyways, I went on to explain that an umpalumpa was a short, little, orange guy, with green hair in "WillyWonka and the Chocolate Factory". That was exactly what I looked like when I got my spray tan. It's funny now, but at the time is was NOT! I had gotten the tan for my cousins wedding and orange toned bridesmaids were NOT the look she was going for! The other problem that occured when I had my spray tan was when the horrible smelling and even worse tasting spray got into my mouth. When I exited the spray booth I spit (I know sooo unlady like!!) and then wiped my mouth......leaving a nice white ring around my mouth, much like a milk mustache. **sigh** I was something to see! Thankfully MAC does an amazing makeup job and the day was saved.
I'm telling this story because I actually ran across a picture of some umpalumpas today and wanted to post the picture so my mom and others would not think I was crazy when I referred to my bad spray tan experience as the day I was turned into an umpalumpa with a milk mustache!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


Autumn said...

How can they not know what umpalumpas are??

I was really hoping for a comparison picture of you :)

mom said...

Oh now I see!!!!!

The Dales said...

Check my facebook pics....there is one there, its bad! haha!!

The Dales said...

Heck, I thought I would just post it on my blog, check out this picture, its hilarious!