Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 4th of July....late.

The weekend before the 4th Sev and I made a trip to the upstate for his parents house warming party. They built a GORGEOUS house in Landrum, SC. If I can get permission, I'll try and post pics sometime soon. My mother-in-law rides horses, so they live on my dream land :) horse pastures, a peaceful pond (filled with turtles), and a nice stretch of' and it doesn't do much but make me even more envious that they have a big dog and a barn cat, haha!! They have two cabins on their property, which makes for a nice little hide-away from the rest of the world when Sev and I visit. We really enjoy getting the chance to visit with them and its even better now that they are back in SC and their house is finished. We spent Friday night with them. On Saturday Sev helped his parents outside and I visited with my grandma. Then on Saturday night we gathered together at Sev's parents and enjoyed an evening with their close friends. I made a cake for the occasion...check it out on my cake blog!! Then Sunday we spent the morning with them and ended the day at my parents house...where we got to hear all about their trip out west.

Then it was only a 2 1/2 work week for me!!!!!

July 1st Sevy and I headed to the beach for some fun in the sun with Steph and Jonathan. We had a BLAST!!!! It's always nice to get away for a mini vaca and even nicer when you get to spend that vaca with people you like, haha. The weekend went by wayyyy toooo fast!! We got to spend a night out on the town with them on Wednesday night (dinner with our mom's at the Gulf Stream Cafe and then a stroll around Broadway). Thursday we spent the day on the beach and Thursday night we rented.........SCOOTERS!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. We seriously had the best time!! I am not going to post much about that until I get my pictures downloaded...but it really was fun and I suggest everyone rent a scooter once in their life!! Friday morning we rode the scooters to the flea market (one of the most random spots, but a yearly tradition to walk through). Then we returned our scooters and Steph and I spent time shopping and eating icees at Broadway. The guys met up with an old Army buddy of Sev's and played a round of golf ( that right? a round? I don't play really I have no clue). Friday night we ate at a place in Murells Inlet ( I think I spelled that correctly). We were alllll tooooo sad to wake up Saturday morning and start our packing to return home. Well, I was sad, Sev was sad and Jonathan appeared to be a little sad...I think Steph just missed Pbug, haha. However, we managed to talk Steph into spending the night of the 4th in Columbia so we could shoot fireworks together!!! and that's what we did!! We shot fireworks in our neighborhood Saturday night and grilled hamburgers. It was a nice 4th of July :)
Sunday was a lazzzyyyy day....HEY isn't that what you're suppose to do after a vacation?!?!!!

will post pics soon :)


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You are a nut...glad you had fun and can't wait to see the pics!