Monday, January 19, 2009

S-N-O-W ... thats a four letter word in these here parts!!!

but they keep saying it...and by-golly I hope it happens!!!

So I'm a bit heartbroken today :( At 7:30 this evening I will be meeting with Ren's new mommy. I've struggled w/ this decision for awhile now...and finally decided it was best for him.
I've gone through, weeded out and called vet references for several individuals interested in sweet Renny...and finally found the girl I think will give him the best home. Shes a Clemson student in her senior year...and I can't hold the Clemson against her...shes studying to become a vet. She already has a large dog and understands the patience and problems a big dog can cause! She knows all about the shedding and drooling, the excercise required and wet nose in the ear annoyance, the crazy amount of food a large dog can devour and the.. uhm .."piles" that eventually come from the food they digested! Ren will no longer be confined to a crate for 8 hours a day. He will have a larger play mate to rough house with and his very own bedroom with his own bed to lounge in. She is even getting him certified for therapy work. Ren is really a great dog...he learns soooo quickly and is very eager to please. Its hard to say good-bye but at the same time I know its best. Plus....she promises pictures and visits whenever I want! Her family lives on a 200 acre farm to boot!!! **sigh** So our little family will go back to having one little man king of the house. I just hope I can hold back the tears :-)

Other than that...not much new. Sev and I spent the weekend w/ a lovely little visit from my parents. We played games and ate wings Saturday night :-) They left early Sunday and Sev and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and being lazy...I took a 2-3hr nap!!! I love naps!!

Come on snow!!!

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Meredith said...

Oh, I know you are so sad. Ren is the sweetest dog. But you are right that this sounds like a much better environment for him. It's not fair for a bigger dog to be in a crate for so long every day. We adults have to make some tough decisions, don't we?
Bye, Ren!