Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love...

I usually do this around V-day...but I'm in a good mood :-)

~Cherry Vaseline Chapstick! (santa put this in my stocking and it pretty much rocks!!)
~Ali after he has just had a bath and runs through the house like a wild man for a few min. before wanting to cuddle.
~My job (shhhh I don't want to jinx it!!)
~Wii Fit...lately its been being nice, lol :)
~Sevys smile.
~sugar free hot chocolate :-)
~getting a reciept after making a "purchase" that says "0.00 balance"!!! I got the sweetest deal yesterday!! I'll post more about it after I give someone the thing I ended up getting a deal/steal on!! :-)

Tonight is our company holiday, I know it seems a tad late...then we have NO plans for tomorrow night or this weekend. Just staying out of the cold!! Hot chocolate a good movie and a clean house...yipeeeeee!!

1 comment:

Autumn said...

I love...YOU!!! Can't wait for my surprises LOL!!