Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its snowwinggggg!!

It was so cool waking up this morning to WHITE falling from the sky :)
Sev is a little weather bug and I do believe he stayed up alllll night waiting for some snow. He woke us up a little after 4am to open the blinds and there was nothing happening...I really felt bad for him b/c he was so excited (imagine a kid on Christmas morning) and it looked like his little balloon had just been popped when he saw it had not snowed as the weather man had promised. Then about an hour later...what do you know....SNOW!! yipeeeee.

So....its snowing.....and when did I become to old for snow days???? Ugh....another real world annoyance :( Oh well. I have a window my office so I'll be content watching it pile up!!!


So last night was a bit hard. I met Rens new mom and even though I said I wouldnt...I cried a little bit. She was awesome though and promised over and over to send pictures and email me often. She brought her camera and had a million pictures of her other dog and family animals....I could tell she would make a great mom for Ren. Ren was SUCH a good boy too. He just sat there so calm and looked at me while I spoke to her and then I told him to shake and he gave me his paw and laid his head on my wrist :-( I think he knew what was happening. He then walked over, doing the butt wiggle, and licked on Tabitha....so at least I know he's okay.

Man what I wouldnt give to be on a ski slope right now.......guess I better get to work instead!! Happy Tuesday!!!!


Autumn said...

I can't believe you got snow in Cola, and we got NOTHING in Landrum! Oh well...I wanted to work anyway :)

mom said...

Sorry you are feeling down about Ren. But I know you are glad that he has a good home.Now Ali can get all the attention which he deserves!!Love and miss you. M

Meredith said...

Just got your message on my blog... You know it would NOT be a picture of you if your mouth wasn't wide open!