Friday, February 15, 2008

Old School

Thats right....I said old school..............thats because sev and I just figured out how to get Mario 3 downloaded onto our Wii!!!!! LOL.

I love love love old school brings back sooo many memories from my childhood. Chris and I used to spend hours outdoors just to come inside soaked in creek mud and grass stains, only to plop down in front of our playroom tv set and spend hours playing nintendo. Chris was ALWAYS mario....but NOT anymore, HA...I'm NOW numero uno!!! I'm MARIO...HA!!!!

Sooooo cool....this blast from the past :)

I just got back from an interview...blah, I'm sick of interviewing....hopefully by next week I'll FINALLY have a JOB!!!! This interview was for a pharmaceutical rep. position here in Columbia....ahhhh SALES.....oh well, maybe its what I'm destin to do, lol.


The Dale's said...

DUH!!! You finally realized sales is what you need to do......I always said you could sale ice to an Eskimo!! That is your God given with it!

Delighted said...

And it's destined. Destin is a city in Florida.

Yep, I teach English.


Hey, will you please give up Ali for Lent?

Keith said...

If you are interested in going the pharma/med route. I have some sites and a recruiter that might be able to help you out. Make sure you know all about STAR questions for those interviews too.

Autumn said...

Ok, first of all, Mer, I LOVE YOU! I tell Linds stuff like that all the time...LOL!

Linds, I remember the bean bag chairs...LOL! I love you girl, we have so many great memories!