Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOVE IS Valentines what better post title than "LOVE" and I think I'll post things I love......

1) God...duh. He has blessed me in soooo many ways and his love for me is unbelievable.
2) SEVY....another DUH.....he's my bestfriend, my soulmate and the one person that can make me laugh when I'm feeling blue ;)
3) My Grandma. She was my rock growing up and always made me feel that I was capable of ANYTHING (even if it was just selling rocks on the side of the road, lol).
4) My Mom, Diddy and Brother...of course...for all the obvious reasons...I wouldn't be who I am today (good or bad) without them. My mom led me into my relationship with God (see number 1). My dad taught me the logistics of life and my brother taught me how to love even when all I wanted was to send him back to where he came from, lol.
5) My Awesome friendships...and this includes my friendship with my cousins. Many of my friends and even Sev, are not nearly as close as my cousins and I are. Luckily, one of my bestfriends is my cousin :) I also need to include my Goddaughter in this...if it wasnt for my bestfriend, I wouldnt have Alexa in my life...and she is a little ball of love!!
6) My (okayyy my dads) Kitchen Aid mixer, hehehe...I JUST used it last night for the first time to make sevy v-day cupcakes and it was soooo cool!!!
7) Aliiiiiiiii!!!! My little bitty ball of fur. He makes me laugh just by being himself and he NEVER judges me ;) He reminds me constantly that it doesnt matter what we look like but how we let our personalities shine that truely matters ;)
8) My New Art Easel....yep, I've been wanting one of these for yearrrsssss and last night as I returned home from running errands and began pulling into our garage my dear sweet sevy (see number 2) had a beautiful art easel set up for my v-day gift!!!!!!!!
9) I love the many adventures life has taken me on...I am truely blessed!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!


Jackie said...

HELLO!!! What about your FAV AUNT! EXCUSE ME! Love you anyway

Autumn said...

I'm glad you liked your easel...I knew about it before you!!! :)

I would also like to say that I can't believe you mentioned your love for Alexa and left me out...maybe we aren't best friends after all! LOL...just kidding! Love you!

mom said...

And I would like to say how I did notice that you put G'ma number 3 and Mom number 4 but I won't because she loves you as much as I do!!!!!!!