Monday, February 04, 2008


2.7 million dollars for a 30 second commercial??? Good Grief...I mean, come on!! I'm a marketing major and I suppose its a good way to market your product......but I could totally think of a million better ways to spend 2.7 mil...but whatever, lol....I mean really, do you think that pepsi or budwieser will ACTUALLY increase their sells so significantly by placing there commercial during the super bowl??? Eh’ might make a good study, but I doubt it.

Anyways, that’s NOT what I got on my blog to post about….really I have nothing to post about…but I thought I would throw out an update just for kicks.

So I have an interview today…wish me luck….I think. I’m not sure it’s something I want to do…but it IS an interview and that COULD lead to a possible JOB…and we NEED money so…..who am I to complain. As my 7 year old nephew would tell me “you get what you get so don’t throw a fit” (we have NO idea where he picked that up from, it cracked us UP the other night when he threw that comment out at me). Its for a management position with Pier 1…I was hoping to get away from retail and sales…but I’m NOT going to throw a fit ;)
I also have 3 more interviews later this week. So I’m praying it won’t be long before I’m in the working force again.

Sev is adjusting to civi life nicely. He has already registered for classes this up coming term, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has also started back with his flying. We took a day last week to drive around to the different airports in the area so that sev could get a better idea of who with and where he could fly. He hooked up with a guy in Sumter that will be his instructor for his instrument ratings. Sev flew Sunday with his instructor and is now up to date with his current license so he keeps suggesting he and I fly to Spartanburg next weekend…hahaha….I’m not sure that would “fly” with my daddy, lol. He flew by himself today, his instructor wasn't available today....but sev is trying to get as much flying in as possible. He also got a full time job for AT systems and starts Wednesday…it’s just something to do to bring in a bit more money while he finishes school and all of his flight ratings. He got a job offer from a man in Louisiana flying lier jets for a corporate company…would be nice, but he still has some more flying to accomplish before he is ready to fly jets!!

So I guess things are looking a little better….for me anyhow…I just worry so much and last week really had me stressed as to what our future held.

We enjoyed our weekend with a little visit from Autumn and Alexa. It was fun playing with lex all weekend, she and sev made fast friends!! Sev even watched her for an hour or two while Aud and I ran errands and when we got home they were watching Scooby-Doo and giggling while sev gave her a laundry basket ride around the house :)

We’re planning on making our way up I-26 this weekend, sev wants to help his parents with the construction of their house and I want to see my cousins little potato bug, Perrin!! He is SOOOOO adorable and I’m sad he has already grown SO much while I was away. I also want to start on my Hawaii scrapbook, if you can imagine I have TONS of photos to fill it with :) So we'll pack our bags yet again to make our way north this weekend.

I've got some cleaning to do before my interview...and my little furball is starting to smell like a walking guess its bathtime for Ali!!!

Well, there you go….an update. Happy Monday fellow bloggers.


Autumn said...

I could swear that this weekend he just "smells like a dog"!

Glad you enjoyed having us...we enjoyed being there! Can't wait to see you this weekend so we can scrap together!

Haley said...

gosh, it actually seems like things are almost back to normal for y'all. I know that must be such a relief!

Jackie said...

I know the " Perrin bug" will miss seeing you this weekend. We are heading to Wilimgton, NC on Friday afternoon. I hope you guys can get together soon though. Love you, JM

The Dale's said...

Stay till Monday and we can hang out all day while Jonathan is working! hehehe!

Delighted said...

and i'll be there feb. 22 so please come then too! :)