Friday, February 22, 2008


Its pretty well known that I am married to a universe nut....not only does he love flying high in the sky, but our tv is on constant weather patrol. Sev even has our Wii set up to recieve weather information. He loves to star gaze and point out different clouds in the it came as no surprise when he had me out two evenings ago looking at the lunar eclipse. As I'm sure you know....the entire process takes over an hour....yeah, I stayed for a picture or two and then got my cold hiney back inside!!! Here is a pic I captured before returning to the warmth of the indoors.

And this is for Moo. Ali passed out while waiting on me to get off the computer. When I turned around to tell him it was time for bed and saw him like this...I had to take the photo!! Isn't he the sweetest little ball of fur!! He is in total Ali form in this picture!! Tongue out, eyes closed and a mess of hair!!
One thing I REALLY hate ... would have to be repainting a room. So sev and I got a wild hair last week and decided to paint our dining room and our guest bedroom. The dining room turned out lovely, or so we think. However, the guest bedroom....not so much. When the first coat was finished I kept telling myself it would look much better after the final coat and not to worry. We walked jessie into the room (it was her old room when she lived w/ me) to show it to her...and lets just say she put her sunglasses on before she would enter it, LOL. YES its THAT BAD!!! Everyone knows I LOVE green....any shade of green....hence my kitchen (apple green). I got a lot of grief about my kitchen....but boyyyyy will people talk if they see my guest bedroom!!! I think...if I were to lay tinfoil on the floor and stretch out in my bikini....the glow from the paint would tan me!!!! YIKES!!!! So tomorrow I will spend painting...or REpainting, while sev is at work!!


Delighted said...

I'm sure your apple green kitchen is lovely, but the bedroom does sound pretty bad! Haha.


Autumn said...

I love your kitchen...but you are still a mess! LOL!

I can't believe my post about months didn't even get a comment from you! :)

mom said...

You are an artist so it doesn't surprise me you would be more free to paint your rooms unique colors. I love your geniune uniqueness!!!!!And by the way I love the kitchen. I have seen it in another house where they used your apple green and brown. It was very cute. Love ya lots, Me
But maybe neon green is a bit much!

Anonymous said...

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The Dale's said...

Hey you nut! Tell me you aren't working this week please! I want to see you in cola tomorrow!

Anonymous said...