Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Weekend

Last Friday was "date night" for Sev and I.
I rushed home from work and met Sev in the driveway. We jumped in the truck and took off to our destination, the drive-in movies!
First we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. Then we made the 45min drive to Monetta, SC to the Big Moe .
We had the best time! Thankfully, Sev packed lots of blankets and even pillows...it was COLD! We had a cooler packed with soda and bags of chocolate! The best movie combination there is!
They actually play two, new release, movies in a row. There is a small intermission between the movies and if you decide you don't want to stay for the second one, that is when you can leave...Sev and I decided to stay on for the second film....and then I promptly fell asleep. oops.
Here are some pictures from our date night! I tried to get a picture of the screen, but it was already too dark. Just picture a big, white, billboard. I will say, both Sev and I were very impressed with the picture quality!! To hear the sound, you just tuned your car radio to the station they provided.

It was sooo cold, so this is what I looked like most of the evening. However, Sev made me sit up for a "proper picture"...I quickly dove back under the covers! Burrrr!

Here is where I tried to get a picture of the screen behind Sevy, but...alas no picture of the screen.

On Saturday we woke up and drove downtown Columbia for lunch. We stopped by the USC campus to watch the ESPN Game Day being filmed, that was neat, and I managed to only get one picture. oops.We all know the rest of this story...USC goes on to STOMP the #1 ranked team in the Nation, Alabama!! It was a fun game to watch!

After the game we went out for dinner with some fellow Gamecocks fans. We enjoyed dinner and then headed home, I had lots of things I needed to do on Sunday and for ONCE we were going to be in town and could actually attend our own Church!
Not. So. Much.
I woke up early in the am on Sunday and was SICK. I have not been this sick in a long time. I could not move on Sunday and ended up spending the day in my bed. Thankfully, I had Sev to take care of me...until he left to go fishing, ha. Actually, I told him to leave, watching me complain about being sick when there really wasn't much he could do, wasn't very fun for him. Plus, I didn't want him to catch whatever I had!
Turns out that the friends we went to dinner with on Saturday were also sick! So I'm going to say it was some kind of food bug. I took half of work off yesterday, but I'm back today. I still feel weak, but hopefully I'll be over this bug soon!!
Kennedi is getting married FRIDAY!!! I have to be well because I can't WAIT to celebrate with our friends on their wedding day!!!
Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you all stay bug free this fall season!

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The Dales said...

Sounds like a fun weekend except the part when you got sick, that is no fun! The drive in movies looks like fun! Miss you two loons!