Monday, August 31, 2009

Why oh Why...

Do weekends have to fly??

Seriously, I think the work week clock moves at a much slower pace than the weekend clock!! Our weekends just zoom on by.
Severyn and I have decided we really want to find a Church home. We visited different churches while in Hawaii and we attempted to visit a local church here in Columbia. However, neither of us felt like we fit in anywhere and sadly, we stopped looking for a church all together. Oddly enough, we are rarely home on the weekend...we tend to travel all over SC visiting family and friends. This proved to also hold us back from finding a church home (love how the devil works, huh). We spend a good bit of time with our friends in Rock Hill and love their church (North Rock Hill Church). We decided this past weekend that we will just commit to driving to Rock Hill on Sundays until we find a church that we both agree suits us. I really enjoy NewSpring in Greenville and we were informed that they are finally opening a campus up here in Columbia the end of September. We're hoping we feel like we belong there, once we try it out on opening day!!
So this past weekend, while we planned to stay home and get some stuff done around the house, we actually ended up in Rock Hill Saturday night. We had originally decided to just drive to Rock Hill Sunday morning, but then we were invited to just stay the night with our friends, so we took them up on the offer. Friday night Sev and I tried a new little restaurant not far from our house. A little pizza joint. In the middle of NO WHEREville! It was pretty yummy. We've tried to go there twice before. Once we sat down, ordered our food and then were told we would have to leave b/c the oven had gone kaput and they would not be able to cook anymore food that evening (its a small, hole in the wall, middle of nowhere, joint I'm telling you). The second time they were already closed when we pulled up. It appears, third times a charm! We enjoyed a nice pizza on Friday night and then came home to hang out and watch TV together. Saturday morning I finished working on a cake that was due a little bit later and Sev left to go help a friend fix his boat. I delivered my Noah's Ark cake a bit later and then hit up Hobby Lobby for some cake stuff :) I came home and picked up the house a bit and started on another last minute cake until Sev got home. He mowed the yard and washed the truck. We then packed up and headed to Rock Hill. It was our friend Kennedi's B-day, so my last minute cake was actually a surprise cake for her! We were happy to celebrate her birthday with her. She and I ended up staying up way too late, having a nice chat at Starbucks (yummm). The guys went to watch the UFC fight. We all met back up a little later and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday morning we all headed to church. Kennedi actually sings in the church band, we LOVE the Sundays she makes it that much better! God seriously blessed her with a wonderful voice. After church I had every intention of getting back home soon and getting my house organized and ready for the work week. Didn't happen. Nope. We ended up spending the day out on the lake, being lazy and enjoying fellowship with our friends. I can't complain, isn't that what weekends are for??
Sunday night came all toooo quickly and here it is...MONDAY! blah. Though, I can't complain, I have a NICE longggg weekend next weekend!!!.....but I have a feeling the sneaky, little, weekend clock will figure out my plans and speed the time up again **sigh**

PS. Severyn and I will have been married for 5...FIVE...years this Thursday!!!!!


The Dales said...

I'm so glad y'all are looking for a church! I've been praying for you! It is such a blessing to be in a church with believers you can relate to and fellowship with!

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary Early! Love you guys, AJ

Mer, Henry and Keith will be here the 11th and 12th. Come home if you can.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Thanks Steph!!!! We have been feeling the prayers our family and friends have been sending our way, I really appreciate you telling me that we've been in your prayers :) I don't know how people stay married w/out Christ in their relationship!!!!!

AJ-thank you :) We will actually be up that way the weekend of the 11th-13th...the 13th is Sevy's b-day though, so I'm not sure what our exact plans are. I know we're spending time w/ his family...however, if I can work it in, we would love to see Henry that weekend too!!!!!' and moo and keith (j/k I love them too).

Meredith said...

Haha, very funny.

I empathize with you and Severyn. It took Keith and I three years and 15 churches to find the right one! It also took a lot of tears and prayers. I know God has a place for you two. Isn't it exciting that the church you love is coming to Cola?! That's terrific! I hope it (or whatever God's plan is) works out for you.

mom said...

l Love the fact that God is working in your lives!!!!I also love you both. Happy Happy anniversary.