Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!

I turned 22 yesterday!

mmmmk not really, but I have come up with the master plan of all plans!!! If I start NOW by telling people that I'm really 4-5 years younger than what I really am, then by the time I'm 40 people will think I'm only mid-30's! HA!

I had a GREAT Birthday Weekend!!! It started on Friday, when Sevy sent B-day flowers to my work :) Then I was allowed to leave work 30min early and I headed on home to pack for a weekend in the upstate. Friday night we had some yummy BBQ chicken and just spent time with my family. On Saturday Dad, Sev, Chris, Jonathan and I got up (early) and headed to Brown Mtn.. I wanted a longggg birthday ride! Dad surprised me Friday night with some NICE bark busters for my bike...uhm....basically some metal pieces that go over the handles and protect your hands from hitting trees, or rocks ,or briers ,or whatever while you're riding. I had the best time and was not ready to leave the trails! I'm fortunate enough to have my brother and father as teachers, so I think I'm getting better and better with every ride. I'm VERY proud to say I was the only one that didn't take a spill.........though I'm sure that's glory short lived! I'm GREAT at falling too :) I was asked (just last weekend) why I enjoyed dirt bikes so much. I don't really know why. Its a thrill but on top of that its a challenge and I like learning new skills and tactics to over come the challenges. Plus, I've always liked being outside!! We had a few scary moments out on the trail, but no casualties, lol. I think we'll all be back out there the next chance we get!! We got home around 8pm and rushed in to clean up and eat my Birthday dinner!! Mom made her famous lasagna and we had a lemon pound cake for dessert!! No, I did not make my own b-day cake ;-) I got to spend time with my family and just enjoy life :) We woke up Sunday morning (my actual b-day!!!) and I got to open some SWEET birthday gifts. Then we had a yummy brunch with my in-laws. After brunch, we packed up the cars, loaded the dogs and hit the trails for a 6 mile hike. Sev's parents had hiked the trail before and thought we would appreciate it. We all had a nice time and I enjoyed splashing around in the creek at the end of the trail. We got back to the cars just in time, right before the rain started. After a long ride on Saturday and then a fairly long hike on Sunday, I was beat! NAP TIME! I took a short nap on the couch while Sev hung out in the shop with my dad. We hit the road back to Columbia around 7:45pm. I was veryyyyyyyyyy sad my Birthday weekend was over :( Though I had a wonderful time!!!! Thank you family, for the gifts and the well wishes and the time I got to spend with each of you!!!!

26 years old....I know its not OLD OLD, but man does time fly!!!! (oops-well now you know my real age, lol).


Jackie said...

Enjoyed spending Saturday night with you!

Mimi said...

Happy late birthday....actually thought about you yesterday! You girls are still just spring chicks....enjoy while you can :)
Love you!

Autumn said...

You are a hot mess...and I would say I'm mad that you didn't bother to call your best friend when you were in town, but honestly that would be a lie b/c I'm used to it. I guess I'll let it slide b/c it's your birthday and because there is no point in being'll just do it again later.

Glad you had a great weekend!