Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just some randomness...

I have been baking up a storm!! I, sadly, didn't get a pink fridge for my birthday. However, my current, one and only, fridge is stuffed to the brim with cake, icing and stuff to make both! I seriously wish I could just stay home and make cakes all day...one day maybe :) I'm loving this new creative outlet. At times I get tired, a bit a burnt out, frustrated and want to throw in the towel...not literally, but almost! Like last night when I was making a batch of icing and the kitchen towel that I was using to cover my mixer, to contain the mess (you wouldn't believe the cloud a bowl of powdered sugar can create with just the help of a mixer), actually got sucked into the mixer and I ended up with powdered sugar all over me, the floor and the counters...but I had a nice "mixed" towel in the bowl. HaHa. Don't worry, I was able to save the towel and it didn't hurt my mixer. Though, Ali was on a sugar high after he helped me clean the floors :) I decided that "throwing in the towel" just wasn't an option for me. I've been working on a price list for some time...in the process I have decided that some people are just plain CRAZY!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I would jump all over the offer to make a cake and be compensated over a grand for it, but good grief! I was astounded by some of the prices on cakes and the people actually willing to pay that much! I was floored when a girl told me over the weekend that I actually made her feel bad, like she was stealing from me, for the price I quoted her. Uhm...thanks....I think, LOL (and to think, I thought what I was quoting was HIGH). I guess when you really love doing something, you don't realize how much time you spend on something and how valuable your time really is. I could seriously let my house go to squat and work on my cakes all evening long. Good thing I have Sev to regulate :)

I was sooo sad while doing a bit of craigslist reading today. I ran across an ad for a guy asking for someone to do his Algebra homework. He stated that he would pay anyone to do his homework and turn it in for him. I'm guessing he was taking online classes. He said he just couldn't do it himself and paying someone was easier...well duh....but how sad is that?? I wanted to jump through the computer screen and yell at the kid "DON'T YOU KNOW NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH HAVING COMES EASY!!!!!" ahhhhh...what is our world coming to?? my generation just stinks! We've been handed sooo much and expect sooo much that we don't want to work for a thing! I get that every generation of parents just want the best for their kids...but slowly, they have ruined us, by giving us the best they have also made us entirely too lazy.

Uhmmm, that's about all of the randomness that I've got in my head right now, you're lucky...it didn't take up the entire screen today ;-) Happy Tuesday.

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Autumn said...

Which is why you need to have kids to change it for the next generation! BAHAHAHAH :)