Friday, June 05, 2009

No BIG plans weekend!!!!

and I'm sooo happy!!!

Sevy and I are staying HOME this weekend!! We're doing absolutely NOTHING!! That's right...nothing. We're sleeping in, hanging out in our PJ's and going with the flow. We all need weekends like this during some points in our life.

Quick update:

Meredith's baby shower was sooo pretty and she got some cute stuff.

I had the BEST time making the baby shower cupcakes and cake topper. Its actually got me wanting to make another one doesn't have to be a baby shower...just any occasion that deserves a cake!!! Soooo if you need a cake or cupcakes...please let me make them, I don't think Sevy wants to eat another cupcake for awhile, lol. That's the only bad thing about this don't want your creations to go to waste, so for me, its far and few between the times I get to do what I love and make a cake! you feel sorry for me?? good!!! What kind of cake would you like??? hehehe oh I'm good ;-) you almost want to come up with an occasion for a cake just to help me out dont you, ha! Okay...maybe I'm not thattttt good...but really, let me know if you need some cupcakes!

Sunday was AWESOME!!!

Thats Daddy, Sevy and Me!! We took on THE BIG MOUNTAIN ;) Actually, they call it Brown Mountain...but it was a BIG ride for me!! I had a BLAST and I'm chomping at the bit to get back out there!! We got up early (I think around 7am) and didn't get home until after dark. It was a real challenge for me and I think I improved my riding skills a bit. I was proud of myself :) No major falls this time and NO bruises!!! I DID...however...get stuck in a MAJOR mud hole!!! I came around a turn and could see my dad and brother sitting on a rock up ahead, I smiled and twisted the throttle just a bit was almost break time!! or so I thought. About that time I came to a split in the trail. To the right was a small trail, beside a tree and rather bumpy. To the left was a HUGE mud hole. Now, first of all...when you're zipping through the woods its sometimes hard to judge the best path...and usually mud holes were no big deal to me. I would just hold my feet up and splash right on through. I hit the mud hole' a pretty good speed...and came to a DEAD stop!! I screeched and started to yell for my dad to come the rescue when I realized the hole was so deep it was up over my tires and the mud was coming into my boots. However, when I looked search of my hero's (dad and brother) whom I just KNEW were rushing to my rescue...I was surprised to find them laughing...and laughing HARD. I was furious!!! How could they!!! I fussed at them both and hobbled on up the trail, unclipped my boot straps, kicked my boots off, pulled my sopping wet socks off, dumped the water out of my boots, wrung my socks out and sat down in a huff. They knew the whole time how big that mud hole was and they were just waiting. After I lectured them for a bit, I finally apologized because they promised they didn't know the hole was THAT big. So all was forgiven. My socks were still a tad damp, but my boots were strapped back on and off we road. I'm definitely hooked on this new sport!!!

My baby brother, I lovingly refer to as Ninny or Keek, is actually going on his first big dirt bike race this weekend. I'm VERY sad I will miss this event. He is an AMAZING rider with LOTS of skill...I'm worried (b/c I worry alot) and excited all at the same time. I can't believe I'll miss his first big race...but I hope he does well and maybe there will be others in the near future. Keep him in your prayers...although FUN, riding can be a bit dangerous (as my mother will GLADLY tell you all about her broken hand/finger).

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!


Meredith said...


Lindsey, I have to admit that I was just waiting for the part when you would say, "And they were dying laughing at me!" I just knew it! Sounds exactly like your dad and Sev to me. :) Chris would have been right there with them too. Oh man, what I would have given to see that...

Autumn said...

You are a hoot!

I will go ahead and say you can make the cupcakes for Alexa's birthday...but it is still a few months away as you well know. Probably shouldn't make them yet! :) Hmm...what kind of theme do we want? We will need lots of cupcakes so she can take some to school and then have some for her party. I'm sure we will think of something :)

Jackie said...

Mer it was Chris and Ron (Not Sev). I wish I could ride with you guys but I am not a fan of another broken leg (in 3 places) It sounds like so much fun!

mom said...

Love Sev's What's up look. Just kidding Sevy. Hee Hee