Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids say the darndest things :-)

Lately, I've been a cake baking fool!! I'm loving every second of it too!!!!
On Sunday I met Aud in Newberry, she asked me to make a cake for a friend of hers ;-)
It was nice to see her and extra nice to see Alexa...even if it was only for a few minutes. Later that evening I called Aud to see if she made it home okay and if the cake had survived (it was my first fully stacked, 2 tier cake...fully iced in butter cream and HEAVY). She said it had arrived safe and sound and while she had to rearrange her fridge, it fit inside nicely.
Here is where I could just squeeze Alexa.
Autumn said she put the cake on the counter and began to clear out her fridge.
She said Alexa said "momma, momma" and when Aud said "Yes, Alexa" she said "She's watching you."
Autumn said she stopped and looked at Alexa and said "Who's watching me Alexa" and Alexa pointed to the cake and said "She is momma, she's watching you."

How cute is that!!!! My cake is a girl!!! Alexa is sooo smart and very creative, she never ceases to say the cutest things!!

So, for future reference my cakes are female ;-)

Other than baking up a storm, Sev and I haven't been doing much else. We spent last Saturday out on the lake with friends. This weekend we're spending time with Sev's parents, where I have another cake to bake for their house warming party!
Sev's just about done with his first summer class and when this one is complete we'll get a quick beach break!! We're excited to spend a few days at the beach with Steph and Jon!!! We NEED a vacation and we lovvvveee spending time with my cousin and her husband :-) After that Sev will start back with his second summer class, yuck...calculus 2...pray for him!!

Happy Tuesday :-)

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Autumn said...

LOL, yes my child is a mess! I have to admit, it was pretty funny :)

Yummy cake!!