Thursday, June 11, 2009

My lunch break at Mcdonalds...

Now, first off...I have to say that I'm just glad that ANYONE willing to work, whatever job they can get, and not live off of MY TAX money gets props (b/c my mom is probably think "props" what??? it's like kudos mom, like "yay way to go!") from me.
Secondly, anyone reading this is going to think "really, she took the time to post about this?"...and the answer is "Yes" I'm taking the time to post about this...because I can AND because it took my entire lunch break AND I find it funny AND I want to share because I'm not sure how hard it is to work at Mcdonalds...but apparently its pretty difficult.

and the story goes:

I kind of have a vise now for Mcdonalds iced lattes. My mom told me about these little drinks and I have to admit...they are quite yummy and for half the price of a starbucks!
So, because the sandwich I packed for lunch was a pb&j, that I made 3 days ago (don't ask) and the pb&j was feeling a bit more like cement than actual, creamy, gooey, sticky pb&j...and I could really use some caffeine...I decided to toss my lunch and go to Mcdonalds.
I can tell the moment the lady comes across the speaker...its going to be a bad ordering day at Mcdonalds (do you ever have those days? where you just KNOW they are going to mess something up at the fastfood drive-thru?).
Lady taking order: "What can I get cha'?"
Me: "I would like a 4 piece chicken nugget happy meal with BBQ sauce and apples instead of fries. Oh and a water with that please"
Ordering lady: "uh huh anything else"
Me: "Yes. (and here is where it allll started going down if her attitude hadn't already triggered the downfall) I would also like a medium, iced, sugar free, fat free, vanilla latte.
Lady: Got it, pull around.
I look at the little screen that records and shows what they are ringing up and I see "tea" and "latte" not "iced latte" (I told you, I have a vice and I KNOW what the screen is suppose to read).
Me: "I'm sorry, its suppose to be a WATER, not tea and an ICED latte."
Lady: "I KNOW, I have to ring up tea!!! pull around".
So, I pull around and hand over my money and I'm directed to the next window where I wait...and wait....and oh my gosh are they killing the chicken, plucking the feathers and cooking my chicken nuggets or WHAT...and wait.
Finally they hand me my nuggets and apples and the guy at the window says:
"Pull up there to that there flag post and wait, the rest of your order will be out shortly"
Me: "okay, thank you"
I pull to the flag post as directed...and wait....and wait....and oh my gosh did they have to go and harvest the coffee beans or WHAT???...and wait.
Finally the guy comes out with my latte and my water.
The latte is HOT...not iced....its 95 degrees out!!!! WHAT.
Me: "sir that (pointing to latte) is supposed to be iced. "
Mcdonalds employee: "huh, whaaa?" (seriously that's how he said T on the end of what)
Me: (pointing to latte) "THAT is supposed to be ICED"
Guy: "huh, oh...okay"
and this is where I should have just shut up and let him walk away....
Me: "and sir could I please get some BBQ sauce and carmel dip for my apples and nuggets"
Guy: "uhhh, okay" and walks away.
At this point another car has pulled up behind me and is obviously waiting on their order.
A few minutes later...(I guess they have to harvest a whole other pot of coffee beans)...a different guy walks out.
He hands me a bag and my water and says "I've got to get your latte" and before I can say anything he turns and half sprints back inside....uhm....I don't think BBQ sauce and Carmel dip takes an large size mcdonalds bag OR weighs as much as what he handed me...I look inside....nope, someones food and now there are 2 cars behind me I wait to let the mcdonalds employee find out who's food it is.
He comes back and I see him try to hand the lady behind me my latte....AHHHHHHHHHH.
She shakes her head.
He walks to me..."heres your mocha ma'am"
Okay....if you've been following along, it was suppose to be a latte...but at this point I just want to LEAVE!! So I take it and say, "sir this is not my bag of food but can I trouble you, realllllly quickly for some BBQ sauce and carmel dip, please" (I know I know, I should have just LEFT but come on, who eats chicken nuggets w/out sauce??? that would have just been pointless plus I had 10 more minutes left in my hour lunch break, lol).
Guy: "uh huh, sure" and he runs off.
I will admit I didn't have to wait as long for the sauce and carmel, as the guy quickly returns.
He hands me the dips and I drive off.
I stick the straw in my water and because I've been waiting in 95 degree weather for my lunch I take a BIGGGGG swallow.

Its a vanilla milkshake.

Happy Thursday and if you have a full time job, be glad its not nearly as hard as a full time job at McDonalds!!!


The Dales said...

Aw, bless 'em! I'm just glad you got your dip...oh and Perrin eats chicken fingers without dip. Oh and what adult eats McDonald chicken nuggets, eww!! LOL!

Great story, hope you enjoyed your shake! HA!

Mrs. Mullen said...

Lol I LIKE chicken nuggets...though I have been questioned about my "adultness" haha.
I didn't drink the shake, ewww first it was vanilla (should be a SIN!!) and second I already had a stupid mocah to drink, LOL.

Meredith said...

I rarely laugh out loud at blogs but I just did.

mom said...

You nut!!!That is what you get for eating unhealthy food at Mickey D's. LOL
PS... don't tell anyone but I like the chicken nuggets too. I tried a bite of Perrin's one day when I was following him around and trying to get him to eat them. Have never ordered any though but will have to soon. Hope a get a different worker.Hee Hee
Love ya lots,

Jackie said...

I am laughing my head off. Are you sure you don't want to be a stand up comedian? Love you girl, AJ

Jackie said...

Just call Anne.....Polly Jr.

Autumn said...

Me too Mer ROFL!!! You are a HOOT! Ok first of all...I would have to agree that you probably should've just let it go when the first guy left...but in the future it's much easier to go in and have your order least then you don't end up talking to 10 different people who have no idea what is going on!

Keith said...

1st let me say it has been 10+ years since I have had a McDonald's burger, but have heard good things about their drinks. I was told their chicken nuggets are really the meat from Grimice that big purple dude that hung out with the hamburgler. There is a DJ on the radio that says you should NEVER PULL UP when they ask. You lose all control when you do and they are graded on how fast they can get you away from their winder (as you people call it). I think the people at McDonald's might be interested in this feedback and you should tell them. You might just get free ice tea for a year.

The Dales said...

winder? Who says that? How offensive!