Tuesday, April 08, 2008

who knew...

I wish I did.

I wish I knew that my LL Bean hiking boots don't fit me!! I wish I knew that BEFORE I wore them to hike 10 miles with my in-laws sunday!! I wish I knew this because now my toes are killing me!!
Actually, for that matter...my entire body is killing me, lol.
It was alot of fun though, so I can't complain much. During the first 2-3 miles of the hike I carried Ali in his little "hound bound" hiking backpack. Along with my camelbak and fleece vest. That combination led to a back full of sweat, eww gross!! So Ali took to the ground and made the rest of the hike on all fours like the little trooper he is. A little after 8 miles into the hike my feet were hurting so badly I was bringing up the rear with a limp. My sweet sister-in-law offered to trade shoes...so after taking a second to switch sweaty foot wear (lol, yuck I know) I was good to go and the remainder of the hike was a breeze :-) One of my favorite things to do is hiking. I love nature. Just being outside makes me happy.
We came back to Columbia Sunday evening and Sev, I and Ali crashed into our pillows. Yesterday was spent running errands and I actually went on another job interview. The hardest part of the interview was walking into the office with heels on while trying to pretend my toes weren't screaming at me!! All in all the interview went well. I was originally interviewing for a traveling job. I would love to have taken the offer...but being married with a house and a dog...it just didn't seem possible. I would have spent 6 months in Charleston, 5 here in Columbia and 1 in Florence. Home on the weekends. I went ahead with the interview but explained that it just wasn't possible for me to travel right now. They were very understanding and actually decided to continue interviewing me, but for a local position instead. We will see what becomes of that. UofP wants me to start next week...so either way....I will officially be a working woman soon!!! Yipee.
Sev has been working crazy hours lately, I'm ready to take on the work load and allow him to take more time to study. He and I are both ready for him to graduate from Embry-Riddle and start focusing on his flying. I can already tell these next couple of years are going to be crazy, I'm just thankful we're no longer apart and we're actually back together as a team and looking outward and forward in the same direction.


Autumn said...

I'm sorry your shoes don't fit! I hope your piggies feel better soon...LOL, can you tell I'm a mommy! We miss you guys...hurry up and come see us.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

mom said...

You mean you guys didn't take pics of the cute granddog hiking in his backpack?Please make a scrapbook for the little fellow. He will appreciate it when he grows up. Hee Hee . Love ya,

Keith said...

I have been in contact with the SC-ASPCA and they agree that a dog of Ali's size should not be walking 8 miles. So, they have agreed to move Ali to his foster parents for 90 days so that you can think about your actions. We will love him and allow him to be a little more lazy here in Durham.

That would be like Perrin walking a 5k in October.