Friday, April 11, 2008

Say hello...

to my little punk rocker!!!

I know you're saying "NO SHE DIDNT!!!"..........yes...yes she did.

Ali and I lounged around outside yesterday in the beautiful sunshine. Sadly, we couldnt lounge long b/c Ali was burning up under his winter coat. I usually get him shaved right before I decided to shake it up a bit...give him a little attitude...throw caution to the wind and let his wild side show. He now rocks a little mohawk.

Note to his grandparents and foster parents: Don't's just a stage, you have to learn to let your babies grow up and express themselves ;-) His long hair will return shortly.
I have named this look, the Alitude.


Delighted said...

Me no likey the Alitude!
But guess what? I still think he's the cutest dog I've ever seen. I love you, Ali!

Mrs. Mullen said...

lol, oh's will grow back, lol. I think it fits his personality, hehehe. He can now see without his hair in his eyes :)

The Dale's said...

Poor pitiful thing, so unfortunate looking! heehee! Just kidding!

Autumn said...

I told her I think he looks naked! LOL...but still super cute! :)

mom said...

Ali, what has she done to you??????Don't worry I will be right down to rescue you!!!!!I won't let anyone make fun of you and we will just hide until this is all behind us. LOL
Give him a hug from his extended family who still loves him.

Jackie said...

You are still precious just a little strange looking. I saw your grandparents tonight at "The Brick" in Columbus. They played just a little bit with Perrin before we got our table. Don't be jealous, they still love you the best. Love, Aunt Jackie