Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whats this????????

Within a matter of hours Sev and I went from flip-flops, shorts and sand between our toes to gloves, jackets and snow stuck to the bottom of our boots!!!!!!! Talk about DRASTIC!!!

We are currently in MT...we arrived in Salt Lake Utah this morning and drove up Utah into Idaho and on into Montana...we're staying in west Yellowstone until tomorrow evening. We played in the snow a bit this evening and we're getting up early to snow mobil tomorrow, we're also EXHAUSTED!! this post is quick....but I'll try to post more pictures this week...if not I'll post lots when we get BACK IN SC!!!!!

These pics are for my dad...he asked to see what REAL snow looks like (well, technically he saw it in Alaska...but still) this is no SC snow!!!

This was the road into West Yellowstone.
Me standing in front of a cafe...its closed for the winter and I don't blame them!! I would NOT want to shovel the snow from this walkway!!
Sevy walking through downtown west yellowstone. (yes, he has NO gloves on and yes he is holding a real estate guide...hahahahaha...he says he is moving us here and driving a snow plow for a living....once again...hahahahahaha)
Can I get a pepsi?? Talk about Ice cold!!!

Me, walking over a pile of snow :)


Delighted said...

I am so glad you're having this experience together. Fun!

Ali says hi and that he loves me better.


mom said...

Doodle O,
Well it looks like there is a lot of snow there. Just what Sevy wanted huh? Hope you two are having fun. Tell Sev that he can just get rid of that real estate guide. (You two are coming home!!!!) Hee Hee
But Dad says if you want to then bring him a guide too. He wants to drive a snow plow as well!!!(Please don't put any ideas in your Dads head.) Stay safe and send more pics when you can. I would love to see yellowstone one day.
All our love,
Mom and Dad
PS -We just got back from seeing Moo and Keith. They are really going to miss that little dog.

Ron & Anne said...
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dad nail said...

Cooool, now thats what I'm talken about. Lucky dogs, wish I was with you. Cant wait to hear all about it. dad

Autumn said...

I LOVE IT!! I so wish I could be in that much snow, oh how I would love to go skiing!

Seriously though, we should plan to do that one weekend!!

I'm so glad you guys are almost home...even though I just saw you it seems like forever and I miss you a lot. It's going to be so nice to have you a short drive away...Lexa and I will be coming to visit often!! :) See you soon!

Haley said...

How does it feel to know you will be home for good in 3 days?? Glad you're having fun in MT!

Delighted said...

WELCOME HOME!!!! It's 6pm and you are here!