Tuesday, January 29, 2008

and so it begins...



My daddy always warned me about this place!! He said it could be cruel, tough and unforgiving...now I'm here and I'm SCARED!!!

"but Lindsey"...you say..."You've been out of High school going on 8 years and you've been out of college going on 3...you've been part of the workforce for sometime now."

However, College is nothing like the real world...you have people offering you low interest rated student loans and waiting tables earns enough "play" money. Not to mention dad still paid the cell phone bill (which was the majority of my bills!!) Once I was out of college I had my dear ole' husband to fall back on...he earned a decent living. I could float from job to job (i get bored easily!!!). Now he is out of the Army and its up to me to find a good job while he finishes up school......granted he will work as well, but his main priority is school and working on all of his pilot ratings. (we're talking MAJOR bucks here!!!)


I can't say I wasn't warned and for those who know me best...you know I've taken every action possible to prepare for this scary place in life, I created a small cushion..........but I can hear the Real World whistle blowing and the train is headed full force in my direction and I'm scared to climb aboard!!!!!

...maybe if I sing "I don't wanna grow up...I wanna still be a kid" or maybe if I close my eyes, click my heels together and say "there is no place like childhood"...........can I go back to being little????

Well....ready or not...It's time to test out my wings....here I come, keep me in your prayers :-)


Autumn said...

Oh don't worry silly girl...you'll do fine! I know you are strong and hard working, so you will do great in the real world! Besides...there's always...BINGO!!

LOL! Just kidding. Love ya, and can't wait to see you this weekend. I'm sure Sevy will make a great babysitter!

The Dale's said...

We can make....you can make it! LOV YA!

Mimi said...

You're both going to do great! Before you know it Sev's school will be over and you'll have a baby on the way (had to get that plug in for Anne :))
Love to you! Hope to see you next time you're this way.

Jackie said...

You will do just fine, we all have confidence in you and Sevy. You might have to watch what you spend but you will do just fine. love you bunches, Jackie

Jackie said...

Oh and tell Sev to check into Subbing in the schools, if that will fit better with his school schedule.

mom said...

Hey Silly girl. Sorry I am late reading your blog. How much better prepared could you be for the real world. With your dad's logical thinking skills and your mother's good looks you don't have a thing to worry about. HEE HEE!!! But seriously you have everything that is needed to make the right decisions and succeed in life. Remember the LORD is on your side. He is faithful and true.Have a great weekend and take care of Sevy. Love, Mom