Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Week Left in Paradise?!?!?!?!

It just doesnt seem possible!!

So...I know I'm horrible at keeping up with my blog as is...but for the month of January I'll probably be beyond horribly slacking!!

I took Aud to the airport last night. It was bitter sweet.
For those of you who don't know, Aud (Autumn) has been my bestfriend since preschool. We're like night and day...but we both agree that is what keeps us close.
When I began my Hawaii adventure not only was I scared to death...but I was also LONELY!!! I ended up arriving in Hawaii Dec. 1st 2004. Severyn was still in his first Iraq deployment and was extended...meaning I was going to be alone for the Holidays :( Alone in a land that didn't even say Merry Christmas. Autumn decided to give up her Christmas at home and fly to my lonely rescue. haha...I know most of you are thinking..."Its HAWAII!! It couldnt have been THAT hard for her"...but really, I know it wasnt easy...she left her family and all of her Christmas traditions and presents back home and helped me move in and get familiar with my new island home. She stayed with me until New Years Eve.

Fast Forward 3 years later...

Autumn managed to figure out a way to make it back out here to see me through the end of my Hawaii adventure. On New Years DAY, she arrived with a "To Do" list...full of all the things she wanted to accomplish while on this visit. I believe we checked everything on her list and then some!!

While she was out here we....SHE....took TONS of photos (about drove me NUTS!!!!) I tried to smile and be a good sport...but good grief, give my cheesy smile a BREAK!! Oh well, I'll probably thank her when it comes to scrapbooking time!!
Anyways...she has most of the pictures, I may have a few and if I find the time I'll post them later.

So today Sev is clearing base. We had the movers come this morning and look through the house to get an idea of how many movers and boxes they would need for our belongings. I have a few last minute island errands to run.
Next thursday the movers come to pack up our apartment. We will spend our last night in Hawaii on a mattress in the middle of our living room. Friday we will drive to port to drop our car off and then we'll hang out until our flight leaves later that evening.
We will arrive in Salt Lake saturday morning...from here I know very little...Severyn has been online and on the phone for the past week...making plans for our mini vaca in mid country. He tells me bits and pieces of his plans...I actually told him I didn't want to plan a thing...I'm TIRED of planning and stressing...its HIS turn!! haha.
He has scheduled our rental 4x4 and I know we're spending the first day in Yellowstone snow mobiling (is that a word, haha!!)...supposedly its the time of year for wolves and I pray I end up with AWESOME pictures of this sweet little adventure!!
The following day we head up north of the park and meet up with (sev's sisters, fiances, sister...lost??) anyways...she is a tour guide for a company in north Yellowstone and she was able to get us on one of her Snow Coaches...I have no clue what this will include...once again, its all sevs doings.
We then travel on in to MT!!! We will spend our time there with Sev's uncle in Billings MT...sev is hoping to get some flight time in and I'm looking forward to SNOW!!!!! I was allowed to purchase a SWEET little LL Bean jacket!!! I swear I get that from my daddy...we are jacket NUTS!! but I NEEDED it and it was ON SALE!!! hehehehehe. Of course I also needed some boots!! So Aud helped me on that search and we finally found a nice pair of North Face snow boots ON SALE!! Top it off with a scarf and gloves and I **think** I'm ready for the MT weather!!! We shall see....

Soooo you see we have big plans for Jan....hence the reason I wont be around much. Good news is I'm EAST COAST BOUND!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Aloha Hawaii!! Thanks for the memories and adventures....but I miss my Ohana and my time here is Poa!!


Keith said...

Enjoy the last week and have a BLAST in the SNOW with the animals!

We are about to cry every time we think of little Ali not being with us. Thank you for this opportunity. It's been great.


mom said...

I loved reading this blog as it might be the last one so far away from home.I know Hawaii has been an adventure for you and Sev and one that you will always remember. Please be careful in MT. and drive safely Sev. We will pick you up at the GSP airport on the 26th. Remind me of the time again please.

You have been the best foster mom a mother could have asked for. I know that he will miss your sweet care and love for him. But think of the bright side. No more clean ups.

Autumn said...

I miss you already!! I can't wait for you guys to get home so we can hang out here. Alexa is getting so big, and you are missing so much!! We are going to have so much fun when you get back.

Thanks for a wonderful vacation!! :) Love you!

Delighted said...

Yes, you can absolutely put my shop link on your board thingy!

Delighted said...

AND don't worry about Ali missing you and loving you. By the time you get him, he will have been away from me for a full week. He'll just be glad to have someone loving on him and making a fuss over him! :)

Delighted said...

Have a great last few days!
Tonight I curled up with Keith in his recliner, and Ali became what Keith calls JD (Jealous Dog). It's so funny - if the two of us are cuddling he feels very left out and runs to where we are. I had to pick him up and put him in the blanket with us. Heehee. Same thing happens when we let him out in the morning and then get back in bed. He scratches and scratches at the dust ruffle, like, "Hey! Put me up there with you!" :-)