Friday, April 29, 2011

Wait For It

I love working with Molly.  She's a lot of fun to work with, one of the easiest dogs I've tried to "train".
Yesterday we starting working on the "Wait" and "ok" command.
Molly already knows "Sit" "Leave it" and "off".
I started with  her tennis ball, she lovees her tennis ball.
After we played fetch for a while (to relieve some of her pent up energy) I took her ball and made her sit.  I sat her ball a few feet in front of her and said "wait" while holding my hand out in front of her.  She hardly moved, but when she would I would make a noise and say "NO".  Before long she was sitting and waiting.  I then clapped my hands and said "Okay!" and let her retrieve the ball.  She seemed to like the new game, so we played for about 15min.  Once she had the whole "waiting on the ball" concept down pat...I moved it up a level and grabbed her bag of treats.  Below are pictures of Molly demonstrating the "wait" command.

(See the little brown dot on the floor, it's a treat)
                                                                   Wait for it.
                                                  Trust me, the treat was gone in seconds.

I broke a milkbone in half and started all over.  I love these pictures, I wish I had used the video option on my camera, but I didn't...sorry.  However, you can still see the frustration and yet determination in her face.
She kept moving from side to side and would flop down on the floor some too.  However, she never once tried to snatch the treat before I said "Ok".
                                                            Wait for it.
                                                        Still waiting...
                                                 Oh the misery! She flops herself down in front of the treat.
                        Snout inches away...but she waits.  Head resting on her front paws....oh the temptation!       

                                           She scoots her way back beside me and looks up.
                            "Pleassse say "ok" please say "ok" pleassse oh please oh please"
                                      "Maybe I can just stretch towards it....just a little"

                                          "A little bit more...."

"Oh for the love of Pete!...I can't take this anymore!!"


                                                                  ...and it's gone.
                                                               What a good girl!!


Meredith said...

I would like to say Dobby was just untrainable, but I think it was the trainer.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Oh Mer...
It isn't that Dobby is untrainable.
It's just that he figured out pretty quickly that YOU were easier to train ;) LoL.