Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Something borrowed, something blue, baby brother says "I do"?!?

My brother got engaged last week, last Wednesday to be exact.

I'm still not sure how I feel about it all, and maybe that sounds strange, but he's my baby brother and I suppose I just never thought he would/should/could get married. haha.

Stranger still, his new bride will have my name. Not that long after Sev and I were married, his sister made the comment that it was strange to her that I would have her last name and eventually she would not. I never really gave her comment much thought, until now. I wonder what she would have thought about sharing her entire name with me? First and last! It's such a strange feeling, for me at least.

In a way it's exciting. My baby brother will be married and that just means one thing...I will have a new sister.

Sevs sister and I are very close, I hope to share the same bond with my brothers wife.

I know one day I'll look back and feel silly for all of these emotions that I'm having over my brothers engagement...but those that know me very well, know that I've never been fond of change. My baby brother getting married is a big "change" for me. I'm already making plans to get a prescription for some drugs. I don't cry often, but when I's ugly! I'm talking, red face, drippy nose, mascara running. Not pretty. I'm not convinced I can stand in front of a crowded room, while watching my baby brother get married, and choke back tears.

This is big for me, I'm having a hard time seeing the little boy that I grew up chasing around the yard on scooters, sledding down the hill behind our house with, playing Nintendo for hours with and...just to keep anyone from seeing through rose tinted glasses...fighting with until we were both out of breath, actually getting married!! AHH!

Chris was my compadre, the robber to my cop, the marco to my polo, my Christmas morning wake mom and dad up buddy, my mud pie baking, paintball shooting, creek exploring, fort building, demand taking, bunk bed sharing, trouble making brother.... he can't be old enough to get married.... can he?


I'm more certain now than ever that eloping is way less painful than weddings!


Meredith said...

I can't believe it either!!

Anne said...

It's not easy letting go of what you know. Just ask your mom!!!!!
I hadn't even thought about getting through the wedding. Thanks for bringing that up. You know how I told you that I cried my eyes out when Moo got married. Well just imagine me on his wedding day!!!!(My baby)
YIKES, talk about not pretty.
Maybe your eloping wasn't so bad after all.
Thanks Linds

Rachael said...

You're such a good big sister!

The Dales said...

I know, can't believe Chris is getting married! It is crazy! I am so happy for them though! I can't imagine when my boys get married! AH!