Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy Me!

We celebrated my birthday last weekend!
Not a cake one to be found in all of the celebration either...I had only one request and that was for my moms lemon pie!!

We spent Sunday white water rafting...well, we actually ended up renting small raft/blow up kayak type vessels called "duckies". Sev, Dad and Chris all got their own, mom and I decided to stick together and got a two man ducky.
We had a blast! Mom screamed every time we went through rapids and I laughed until my belly hurt. We only had one man over board, and that was Chris. Mom and I made it over some rapids and right when I turned around to watch the guys come through, I was able to witness Chris flying out of his raft. His facial expression was priceless. That water was COLD. I don't mean, toe in, shiver and then get used to it cold...I mean, it was so cold it HURT!! I could not stand in the water long enough to put my life vest on without hopping from one foot to the other and wincing in pain!
Dad was right behind Chris, so he bent down and scooped Chris up by the life vest...they floated like that for a little ways until Chris smashed into a rock and, like a frog, he jumped clear out of the water and perched himself right on the back of dads raft. Sev caught Chris' raft and soon they had Chris transferred back into his own vessel and the trip went on with no further delays.
I have to say that white water rafting is one of my favorite activities! I try to get my family to do it every year for my birthday....that's usually the only time I can REALLY convince mom to submerge herself in freezing cold water, while braving the fast moving waters.

I also spent a good deal of time with my grandmother over the weekend. We...well, she...pickled okra, went shopping, and took a stroll through her garden. I have some AMAZING pictures that I'm going to post later today.

I also received some very nice birthday gifts!! My mom gave me flowers...I love getting flowers. I also got:
A pretty, white, samsung Netbook
A book
Some clothes
A bracelet
A necklace
A pretty, cosmetic bag, with my initial on it.
and money!!
I loved my gifts and the sweet gift givers =)

Overall, I had a very nice, relaxing, adventurous birthday...just how I like it!!

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Anonymous said...

White Water Rafting is awesome! I did it in Costa Rica and it was a blast! Glad you had fun, that's what birthday's are all about!