Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Day After Valentines Day

Some people really do not like Valentines day, I am not one of them.
Show me the person that does not like a box of assorted chocolates, fragrant flowers and the feeling of love in the air and I'll show you a very sad person!! (come to think of it, a person that dislikes chocolate alone is just SAD!)

However, all of that being said, Severyn and I do not go above and beyond on Valentines day. We do celebrate it, but for different reasons than others probably do. We celebrate Valentines day as a "anniversary" because it was on Valentines back in 2005 that Severyn returned home from Iraq, 5 months after we had married and he had redeployed. Valentines day really marks the first day we actually spent as a married couple.

blah blah blah....this is getting WAY TOO mushy for me.

Let me just skip to the good part...
My Valentines Day gift...
This Valentines, I got a new toy!!!

"Hi, I'm a MAC"
...no longer a PC....
I have seen the light, the better side, the side that promises fruit and not frustration!!
I'm the proud owner of a Macbook Pro and I. Love. It.

The end!


Meredith said...

So jealous!!! I want. I want. I want. :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

Mer-I've been needing/wanting a new computer...and I did ALLLLL kinds of research.
I was SCARED of switching over from a PC to a MAC...silly really, but I've only really ever used a PC.
However, I kept hearing so much praise about the Macbook Pro, so I checked them out...
The down side is they do cost a bit more than a PC...but I have decided that it is worth every single penny more!!!
It is SOOO user friendly!!
PLUS...MACs can't get a virus...which that aloned saved me from the hassle of buying or finding quality downloadable virus protection!!
Plus the design, format, structure, sound, overall quality is seriously unbeatable!
I paid $300 more it than the PC I was looking at purchasing.

Meredith said...

Keith is still leery about us switching to Macs because, like you said, we've never had one. I think it would be worth it. When we have the need (and the funds) again, I hope we can bite the bullet.