Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm glad it's Friday

because I'm tired.

I'm always tired, but that is besides the point...I think I have low iron, again, besides the point.
I'm tired because I stayed up entirely too late working on a cake.
Then I crawled out of bed (after hitting the snooze button no less than nine times) and spent the morning stuffing Christmas cards into envelopes, addressing and stamping each one.
No, not my Christmas cards, I don't do Christmas cards...not that I don't think they are lovely, they are...but they take up too much time.
They also cause nasty paper cuts!
and dry hands...
I have both now, nasty paper cuts on my fingers and dry hands!
However, last night, before I started on my cake, I painted my finger nails a pretty taupeish/greyish..maybe even slightly purpleish color. So at least my nails looked nice while I stuffed envelopes.

(please ignore the random website in the bottom corner of that picture...It was the first image that popped up when I googled the color)

That's it, that's all I've got...have a happy Friday! I hope it's loaded with Holiday cheer and no Christmas card stuffing!


mom said...

well since you don't do cards just who were there for????

Mrs. Mullen said...

LoL, WORK!!! I was put in charge of the Christmas cards for work this year, ugh.

Meredith said...

Linds, I know you don't like pills, but vitamins truly do help. When I stopped taking mine I felt terrible. Exhausted all the time. When I started back, I almost instantly felt better.

Meredith said...

P.S. Take NatureMade Multi for Her. My pharmacist friend told me that brand is great. My doctor told me NEVER to take One-a-Day or Centrum.