Tuesday, February 09, 2010

House Guest & Fish

My mother always told me that house guests are like fish, they are just fine for a few days...but give them a little while and they start to smell. ha!

Sev and I have a house guest. He has been with us since last Friday. Technically we have not shared a living space with him until Monday, since we were out of town over the weekend.
However, I am finding it hard to think that this house guest will ever be "smelly".
His name is Matt, he was a friend of ours in Hawaii. He just recently got stationed at Ft. Jackson. The Army put him up in a hotel room and his last night there was last Thursday. We offered to let him stay with us for awhile. Sev has just been beside himself with excitement, he has a guy to talk "guy" stuff with, whatever ;-)
The best part? He likes to cook! He cooked brunch on Sunday. Last night, Sev and I walked in from work and there was dinner on the table!!! Like, real dinner. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes (REAL mashed potatoes!) and corn! When I went to retrieve water from the fridge, I saw where he had already written in a meal schedule on our fridge calendar! It looks like baked chicken and veggies tonight! (I'm eating dinner with a friend, but hellloooo left overs!)

I think I like the smell of fish!!

Oh-he even cleans!
Yeah, I think we'll keep this fish around :-)


Kennedi said...

You NUT! I'm glad you like him! Could you please find a fish to cook and clean for me? I think the best I can get is Kyle letting Chloe out during the day and picking up some fast food for dinner! Even then I usually come home to a sink load of dishes and random belongings strewn about the house! :-/

Jackie said...

Hey, is there a base near me, he can stay at my house.

Mimi said...

Hey Linds....do you think Landrum is too far for the fish to commute to and from base? I could use some help around here - Jimbo cooks, so that part is fine, but we really could use some help as we prepare (loosely) to move to the new house! LOL