Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to meeee.....WHAT?? I'm 3?????

I celebrated my 25 birthday last Saturday!! Yep...the big 2-5. Wow. I don't feel 25...I don't even feel 21. I feel like I'm still the same ragamuffin kid, racing scooters down the hill beside our house w/ my brother. How am I 25 years old?? A quarter of a century old?? YIKES!!

The only thing I asked for my birthday was a white water rafting trip :) My parents granted my wish and we took a family trip Saturday morning to the Natahalia (sp?) river in NC. I had a blast...I hope my family did too. Chris and I were the only ones to "fall" out of the raft. We all took a break at one point to hop into the freezing cold river...well....everyone but mom, we sorta pushed her over :) It was so fun and a great way to spend my birthday! We made it through the class 3 "waterfall" (no biggie,haha) and then ended or trip on the side of the river with a pizza!! We all said we would go again if it wasnt for the 2hr drive back home and dinner plans we had later that day. My mom had a lovely chocolate cake ready to celebrate my birthday she would like to put it "keeping up w/ tradition"....she forgot the candles. No the back of the cabinet...the top cabinet above the stove....the cabinet you have to climb on a bar stool to reach...farrrr back in THAT cabinet, in an old cool whip tub...was a candle!! A nice big candle. A nice big candle that sported the number 3 on it. order to make sure I still got a birthday wish, I blew out my number 3 candle!! If you're wondering WHY we have a number three candle...don't ask...heaven only knows.
The next day I spent the afternoon w/ mom and Lexi (Chris's G/F). We caught a movie and did a bit of grocery shopping before heading home and getting ready for my family to come over and celebrate my birthday AGAIN!!
All in all it was a nice weekend :) I'm happy to be twenty...uh....three years old!!


mom said...

Well if you want to know the real reason for the 3 candle. I am secretly hoping you will return to that age so that I can start over again. Maybe more spankings would have helped. (Just kidding) Dad and I are amazed everyday how you turned out!!!! We are very blessed to have a daughter as beautiful both on the inside and the outside as you. Happy Birthday 3 year old daughter. Love, Mom

Autumn said...

Hey Lou,

Sorry we didn't get to hang out last weekend. Hopefully we will get to see each other soon. Alexa is growing up so won't even know her! LOL!! Sounds like you had a great birthday, that's awesome. We miss you!