Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Grief..Its been Awhile.

Notice the HUGE gap in time!! Thats me...Lindsey the ever procrastinating one!! gotta keep up the tradition, no?! really no excuse got to me. Ever had that feeling? Lets see...since my last post over a year ago...I DID ship Ali to Sevs parents...)he is now back with me :) ) Sev deployed August 4th 2006. I moved to SC in a new house we purchased in Columbia (closed on it Aug. 25th). Autumn had her baby, a sweet baby girl (Alexa Lynn Black) on Sept. 22nd 2006. I started a career with The State Newspaper as an account executive. Sev came home for R&R in October. I Spent a few Holidays without my honey...My cousin, Stephanie, told me she was pregnant on the EXACT weekend, a year later, that Autumn told me that she was expecting. Steph married her sweetheart in March. Sev got extended in Iraq. Steph had her sweet baby boy (Perrin Clyde Dale) July 11, 2007. anddd most recently JESSIE got engaged :-)
Wow...lots huh!! Its been a crazy whirlwind. I wish more than anything that I would have kept up w/ this blog site while sev was deployed, I'm contemplating now writting a book about this deployment...and it would have been nice to have tid-bits here and there of this past year....but I do have journals laying around the house with bits and I'll paste those together and come up with something....if I ever decide to do that ;-)
Lately, I've been thinking about going back to school...Last night I fell asleep thinking maybeee psychology...hmmmm...I'm not sure...I just know I'm not finished soaking up all the knowledge the world has to offer.

I fly BACK to Hawaii August 23rd...I am sooo excited!! Of course I'll be out there a few weeks before Sev finally gets back...BUT its one step closer :-)

Things are moving right along for us...We're VERY BLESSED!!!

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